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Jamaica Moves with Sugarplum

Published:Friday | January 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM
JA Moves Sugarplum Box
JA Moves Sugarplum Box


Recently, the Jamaica Moves campaign partnered with local subscription service Sugarplum to assemble an exclusive fitness-themed box. Hundreds of women signed up for a surprise delivery that had everything needed to kickstart a healthy and happy lifestyle. From triple insulated stainless steel water bottles courtesy of automobile giants, Stewarts Automotives to Cetamol maximum strength pain tablets, nothing was left to chance.

"I was so not disappointed," said Kedesha, first-time Sugarplum subscriber who immediately went to social media to unbox for her followers.

"This box is bursting at the seams," posted Michelle, Sugarplum veteran, as the jam-packed boxes made their way to homes across the island.

"It was a challenging box for us" said Marsha McFarlane, chief excitement officer of Sugarplum. "Not only was this our very first fitness-themed box, but the weight of such a phenomenal government-led campaign and wanting to ensure we never lost the message was daunting, to say the least."

Jamaicans are not getting the required amount of physical activity or nutrition in their daily routine to maintain a healthy life. Jamaica Moves is a response to the urgent need to change this. Through education, the Ministry of Health and key private and public sector partners aim to reduce Jamaicans' risk of developing NCDs, and in turn, create a healthier, happier country.




"We definitely hit a home run in the end, though!" said Marsha. "I was elated when Dr Christopher Tufton stopped by to congratulate us on a job well done and has since been seen sporting his triple insulated water bottle as well. The reviews have been pouring in from our subscribers, and the consensus is that "the boxes were well worth the wait!"

"Undoubtedly, the NestlÈ Fitness Granola cereals were a big hit with subscribers. I've never received so many thank you's for discovering a "cereal", she said, laughing. "Another item we got wonderful feedback on were the Kendel Gold Infusion teas. One subscriber mentioned that she had a hard time deciding which Kendel blend to purchase in her local supermarket, noting that the sample packets received in the Jamaica Moves box provided by Kirk Distributors has now sealed the deal for her. Now, she wants them all."

Jamaica Moves title sponsors, National Bakery, also joined in on the journey to happy and healthy. While their new 30 per cent less sugar bread options could not hold in the boxes, subscribers were treated to Krunchaz Wheat Crackers and Fruit and Nut snacks.

"We worked with three categories for this box: "fitness, health, and Happiness, the latter being what we're known for here at Sugarplum," recalls Marsha. Something new that we've also started is pairing our boxes with influencers. Our Jamaica Moves Box was led by the strikingly stunning and fashionable Yhordanka Akwanza ( on Instagram, who was the inspiration for the addition of tassel earrings to the boxes.

"We wanted to ensure our subscribers had a 'feel-good, look-good' moment as well. That's very important, especially for women looking to stay motivated on a fitness journey."

The partnership with Yhordy, who, coincidentally, is also the COO of Eyeland Eyewear saw Sugarplum subscribers receiving an offer for free prescription frames and lenses in every premium box.

Leading up to delivery, subscribers were also pleasantly surprised with random giveaways of Active Smart Wristbands by Asafa Powell and Champion sneakers from Payless Shoesource.

The idea was to inspire women to get moving, but not only that. They had to enjoy the journey to stick with it. I think the one item subscribers would agree solidified this message were the personalised water bottles from Stewarts Automotives. I'm encouraged by the support we received to bring that message to life and how revolutionary the Stewarts team was to partner with us on what essentially is a 'beauty box' for women, McFarlene shared.