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Your Fetish ... Our Secret

Published:Thursday | February 8, 2018 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie
The romance kit contains everything a couple would need to receive ultimate pleasure.
Participate in light bondage with blindfolds and handcuffs.
The entire line of 50 shades of grey products are available at Fetish Secretz.
Penile enhancers to provide the ultimate satisfaction.
Treat your partner with edible underwear, lubricants and stimulants.
Have some me time with your very own jack rabbit.
Platinum premium silicone stroker.
Take a chance and roll the kinky dice.

Overexpose your senses and heighten the depths of pleasure for you and your partner this Valentine's Day with Fetish Secrets. For over nine years, the adult toys and novelty store has provided premium pleasurable products that can be used to enhance your sex life and train your body to achieve the highest level of gratification.

"We aim not just to sell sex toys, but to also promote the health and wellness of the toy and how to introduce the toy to the bedroom. We also keep a lot of events to speak with persons on how to care their toys and have public forums on safe sex practices," said Sade Buckeridge, co-owner of Fetish Secrets.

Buckeridge and her business partner Nicole Hemmings started Fetish after realising there was a market for adult toys in Jamaica, but no high-end realtor to provide the products and services. "There were shops around that were so private and discreet. These stores were also filthy with dust all over the product boxes. These products are intimate products and we want them to appeal to customers who will be using them in personal ways," said Buckeridge.




The journey of building their franchise was not easy as most banks and personal investors were heavily invested in the stigma and taboo attached to the nature of the business. "It was hard for us to get a point-of-sale machine from the banks or even a loan, said Buckeridge.

Fetish Secretz expanded over two years ago and moved from Half-Way Tree to Eden Gardens on 39 Lady Musgrave Road. Though the concept is still labeled as "unmentionable", many are beginning to open up to the wonderful world of fetish fantasies. "With movies like 50 Shades of Grey, many persons have opened their eyes, but it is a thing that we have to take one step at a time. Our bags are very plain and our wrappings are discreet. For us to overcome that, we also have a website for ecommerce. Persons are able to buy their sex toys through ecommerce," she said.

Most believe the purchasing of sex toys will be used to replace the real thing. "Sex toys cannot replace nobody, no matter what, you will still need more after that," explained Buckeridge.

Fetish has a wide array of adult entertainment including vibrating panties, dice, handcuffs, blindfolds, edible underwear, and kegel balls for soft limits. For those wanting to explore their hard limits, bondage ropes, canes, paddles, and restraining tape are available. Their services also include consultations with credible physicians for health and relationship advice.

"Fetish has a variety of quality products. When you come to Fetish, we do not just sell you a toy, we educate you on how to use it, you cannot say you did not learn something new after leaving," said Buckeridge. Fetish has come a very far and long way, and has made a name as the number-one adult toys and novelty store in Jamaica.

To view their catalogue visit or visit their instagram fetissecretzltd. Call 876-448-0276 or 876-447-9662 for more details.