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SOCA fit with Hard End Fitness Factory

Published:Thursday | February 22, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Photography: F.A.B Photography by Fernandez Barrett Soca Ready
Photography: F.A.B Photography by Fernandez Barrett Soca Ready
Photography: F.A.B Photography by Fernandez Barrett Soca Ready
Photography: F.A.B Photography by Fernandez Barrett Soca Ready
Photography: F.A.B Photography by Fernandez Barrett Soca Ready


It is soca time and carnival is just around the corner. Time to get that stamina 'up,' and Hard End Fitness Factory is ready to whip men into shape.

Hard End Fitness Factory is a brand new luxury gym facility, a spacious, three-storey top-quality fitness facility, with an array of brand new state-of-the-art equipment. A wide range of offers from weights training to yoga and cardio, thus we sought the expertise of their cardio trainer, Phillip Groves, and strength trainer, Adam Senior, to give gentlemen a few tips on what they would need to be road-march ready.




Groves explained that when it comes to carnival, women tend to take their physical fitness more seriously. However, if the men want to keep up with the gyrations and high energy of the day, a great cardio routine is something that will really help with endurance. Cardio also assists with heart and respiratory health.

He demonstrated his HIT (High-Intensity Training) Cardio Session that he highly recommends. It includes six sets of exercises, the battle rope, Kettlebell swing, plyometric box jump, ball slam, ball toss and sprint. This workout lives ups to its name (HIT) and keeps clients engaged with the versatility so that they are not bored while achieving the aforementioned.

He would work newbies up to HIT. Starting them on brisk walking for 30 to 45 minutes, sit-ups and push-ups. Then you HIT the muscles hard.

There is no fitness without a proper diet, but he admits that diet is not a one size fit all. In fact, he states that it is important that individuals know their body type and get individual professional advice. With that being said, as a basic tip for weight loss he notes that one should reduce carbs, increase their vegetables and protein, eat five to six times a day, but the most important thing is to drink water.

"Aim for a gallon. Get a gallon bottle and put different makers based on things you like. Like for men, you can use beautiful women," he told Flair.


Strength Training


Now for the men who might have the endurance but just want to give women a great eye candy in their costumes that are made to let the ladies blood go warm, strength training is for them. Senior defines strength training as "physical exercise to build the muscle. Strength exercise builds bone, as applying stress to bone adds bone density. It also does help with weight loss."

He advises men to first leave their ego at the door, as when it comes to weights, men tend to want to lift everything in sight to prove strength. Truth be told, it is not the heavier the weight but rather the technique. So listen to your instructor and start light and work your way up trying to complete all your sets. For every exercise he gives to the clients he usually gives them 4-5 sets, which includes 10 reps of the exercise.

Muscles that men should focus on building based on importance for soca are first the legs and core, then there are the glutes, hamstrings and arms.

One thing one must not take for granted with strength training is resting. If the muscle is too fatigued there will be no growth, Senior advised. As it pertains to dieting, proteins are your best friend, as this is what helps to repair the muscles that you have torn. Carbohydrates also help with energy when it comes to strength training, so one should be sure to add the right portion to one's diet.

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