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Urban Street Wear by Slang Teez

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMYanique Williams
Natasha rocking a blessed button down baseball jersey.
Shenelle showcasing a Slang Teez logo button down jeans shirt.
Ana repping a rainbow woke up slangin t-shirt crop top.
Be sexy and sleek in this long sleeve Slang Teez logo white body suit.
Natasha is ready for the beach in this sleek black rude bodysuit with a black beach throw over.
Shanice stepping out in her neon pink long sleeve badgyal cropped hoodie with a white ripped knee jeans.
Embrace your badgyal nature in this sleek black leggings accompanied by a grey sco t-shirt.

The summer is about setting trends taking to the streets in the latest fashion. Embrace the days of hot sun and the cool breeze with the newest in urban styles by Slang Teez. The six-year-old online-based clothing store will have you rocking out the summer in their variety of leggings, crop tops, bodysuits, sweats, T-shirts and hoodies. All originally designed and inspired by local and international trending slangs.

Owner of Slang Teez, Kirk Allen ,says that the idea for the brand started back in 2012 when he made note of the influential nature that the Jamaican culture had on the international scene, so much so that local slangs were being used in popular songs and by international artistes. Capitalising on the opportunity that presented itself, Slang Teez was born.

To stay on top of things, the bossman ensures that he is up to date with current slangs that are creating a buzz in the streets. As being in such a competitive industry with emerging businesses spearheaded by young minds, Slang Teez intents to remain relevant, catering to both men and women who are looking for something different, fresh and urban.

With comfortable and functionable pieces that can be easily mix and match to suit your summer fun needs, Slang Teez is sure to have you slangin. Visit their website at www.slangteez.com/ or check out their page on Instagram @slangteez, to your authentic dancehall streetwear.