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Kelly's World | Bicycle man inna trouble now

Published:Thursday | May 17, 2018 | 12:00 AM

There are times I feel the world is not level, and quite frankly it isn't.

However, every now and then I see a glimmer of hope that at times, it has just evened out a little bit.

As part of the new Road Traffic Act, pedal cyclists who run the red light or refuse to obey stop signs on the nation's roads could be dragged before the courts and face a maximum fine of up to $24,000 or, in default of payment, spend 10 days in prison.

Yep, you read right. Pedal cyclists who breach the law will be issued summonses to appear before the court.

It's one of those news items that I often wondered if I would ever hear. Hallelujah, sing to Jesus, it has arrived.

I have always maintained that drivers of motor cars were given a raw deal because motorcyclists and pedal cyclists were allowed to get away with committing the same offences.

Numerous times I've seen pedal cyclists especially riding around pedestrians and light poles on the sidewalk. There's a reason it's known as a side 'walk'.

I've seen them riding the wrong way on one-way streets, going about their business like they're not doing anything wrong.




I let one know exactly what I thought of him one evening as he was making his way along, as I was exiting a parking lot.

He replied, and I quote, "Wah wrong wid yuh man?" I didn't care. He was intentionally going the wrong way.

Another night while heading home, I saw that a man was about to ride into the intersection when the light was red.

I guess he changed his mind when he saw the pickup truck (and instant death) heading towards him.

I remember a former co-worker who said anyhow police gave him a ticket for riding his bicycle contrary to the road laws, he wouldn't pay the fine.

But I bet if he's hit by a motor vehicle driver while riding contrary to the road laws, he would want compensation.

If that's not the definition of wanting to have your cake and eat it, I don't know what is.

Now I know some people will focus on the maximum amount of the fine for the cyclists.

Hmm, there is a part of me that is sympathetic. Let's face it, the fact the person is riding a bicycle might be a fair indication of the size of their pocket. Fair enough.

But I'm still not going to lose sleep over the amount because I think some of the fines for motorists are also high.

For instance, why should a motorist have to pay a $5,000 fine because the licence plate lights aren't working?

I guarantee you there are many drivers who don't even know they have licence plate lights, much less how to check if they're working.

So if a pedal cyclist has to fork out nearly 25k because they feel the rules don't apply to them, a baaay!

So I'm feeling a little better. Now, if we could do something about stupid pedestrians.

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