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Let's talk make-up

Published:Thursday | June 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Bridal Make-Up Shoot
Bridal Make-Up Shoot
Bridal Make-Up Shoot
Bridal Make-Up Shoot
Bridal Make-Up Shoot
Bridal Make-Up Shoot

Wedding bells are ringing so it's time to start talking make-up. Ladies, I'm sure you'll agree that there's absolutely no way you can arrive at your wedding without wearing the most popular wedding accessory, superb and flawless make-up. I caught up with connoisseur bridal make-up artist Tamara Melville, who was trained by Emmy Award-winning make-up artist, Kevin James Bennett, and airbrush guru Dani Fonseca. She spilt a few of her make-up secrets to help transform you into a beautiful bride.

ï Adhere to the golden rule - less is more: If you really want to stand out on your wedding day, use less make-up. Your make-up should accentuate and enhance all your best features. You must present nothing less than the most beautiful version of yourself, and wearing too much make-up will not help.

ï Have pre-wedding make-up trials: Your wedding day is the last day for you to experiment with a new look or trend. Trends don't last and can surely cause your wedding photos to look dated. A classic and timeless style is what you truly need. That way, you can look at your big day's photos in a quarter of a century and you'll still look timeless and unblemished.

ï Treat your skin: Your make-up will only look its best when your skin is in the best condition. It's crucial for you to start a proper skincare routine months before your wedding. Also, Melville advises that water should become a bride's best friend as it concerns caring the skin, and speak to an aesthetician or dermatologist at least three months before your nuptial hour to address any concerns.

- Get the right foundation: It's important for you to choose a foundation that perfectly matches not just your skin tone, but also your skin type and undertone. If someone can tell the difference between your foundation and skin tone, it's the wrong colour and tacky mistake.

- Do not test your make-up in dim light: This can lead to a make-up catastrophe. Test your foundation in natural sunlight and ensure that your head and body are the same colour. Remember, you want to be thought of as a beautiful bride and not the bride who got her make-up wrong.

- Lightly apply your make-up: This one is peculiarly for your foundation. Her foolproof trick for a perfectly blended foundation is to use a round or dome-shaped brush and buff the foundation in with circular motions. Remember, blending your make-up will give you great results.

- Try as best to avoid contouring and highlighting: There's no doubt that you've seen photos of women with flawless contouring and highlighting. But most of these are heavily photoshopped and can make your face look harsh and severe on your wedding day. Contouring done incorrectly can also look like a 5'o clock shadow, so leave the contouring to a professional. If you cannot resist, make sure to blend.

- Use waterproof make-up: Wedding days are usually long and highly emotional. Use a lot of waterproof, water-resistant and transfer-resistant make-up products. These will help to allow you to enjoy your day with minimal touch-ups needed and no concern about your make-up running.

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