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Refresh, revive and rejuvenate with a Shirley Steam Bath

Published:Friday | June 29, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Shirley Genus
Shirley Genus
Herbal Spa, St Elizabeth
Herbal Spa
Shirley Genus

Shirley's Steam Bath and Massage is definitely a gem in Treasure Beach, St Elizabeth.

Everything about the venue beckoned to your senses to just relax. From the beautiful stone walls to the aroma of the herbs being boiled on the coal outside to the trees and flowers all planted by owner Shirley Genus, so colourful, it was almost like the garden was enchanted.

Genus came out to greet the lifestyle team with a cheerful peach hat with matching smile, long salt and pepper coloured dreadlocks down her back and a summer dress that only had straps to cover her back. Her dog Hercules running around her feet and occasionally taking a whiff of the strangers in his territory.

Team player Latara Boodie was too eager to indulge in the experience.The first step was to get undressed and take on the sweat room.With the aroma of the eucalyptus, lemongrass, balsamic, pimento amongst other herbs while she steamed Genus got into the benefits of this steam.

Genus told Flair that the steam is somewhat of a detox of the body. She started her steam at Great Bay in 1994 and moved to Treasure Beach in 2008. Admittedly from an early age, she knew that the corporate world would never be for her because while she did well in school she did not particularly like it. The benefits of a steam range from detoxing to assisting with circulation and persons with arthritis, asthma and even cancer. She saw it work personally in family members like her brother that has arthritis and her father with emphysema.

Ideally, she allows for her clients to steam for 15 to 20 minutes as she does not want them to over sweat. This will defeat the purpose. All this was being expressed while Boodie bellowed from the steam room, "Oh my God, everywhere is sweating."

She came out shortly after, back in her towel and it was time for her to get her massage to close up her pores. As for the steam she mentioned that it relaxed her mind, body and soul. The heat initially for her was a bit overbearing because she was not used to it.

"But after a while inhaling the humid air and feeling the herbal essence within your lungs it becomes very soothing. The sweating was my favourite part. You literally feel as if the toxins are oozing out of your pores and you are cleansing your body from not only from the things that can physically harm you but cleanse your mind," she explained.

She expressed that after the steam she felt rejuvenated and limber but Shirley knew that her pores needed closing and her very own oil which is a special mix of essential oils would do the trick. Plus it added a bit of moisture after losing so much water in sweat. She also advised Boodie to not bathe for the next few hours. While not a full body massage which Shirley also offers, Boodie mentioned that it releases tension in a spot that she never recognised she had.

The experience promises to be a relaxing one.