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All that Glitters - Stay Golden

Published:Wednesday | July 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Swim proof, party proof, kiss proof - all in one lippie - now this sounds unbelievable. Well, the proof is in the long lasting beauty. All that glitters will certainly ‘Stay Golden’ and The Flair Magazine went behind the scenes to find out more about Stay Golden Cosmetics glitter lip kits.

“I don't love makeup but I respect a popping lip,” owner Danielle Edmond confessed to The Flair Magazine in an interview. Edmond explained that while she likes the concept of glittery lips, she really wanted them to last. That had her thinking - glitter should meet matte. She married the two concepts and before she knew it, she was getting who are now her manufacturers to make a glitter matte lipstick that could withstand just about anything, from water to kissing. She laughed, admitting that they did test the waters and had someone actually swim in the lippie to see if it would smudge or fade and it didn’t.

“When you find something that makes sense, you just put all of your energy into it,” she said. Since its inception over a year ago, she has had a growing crowd of loyal customers who find the kits and demand more. That is why she has made lippes her main focus. “Customer service is excellent. I email everyone to find out if everything is great with the products. We have monthly sales. We promote as well as expand our niche, creating colour that they desire as well as those outside of the box as well,” she added.

Today they have over 13 colours in their lippie line: burlesque, it's cocoa, stay golden, audacity, mysteria, risque, glitz, deja vu, galactica, peachy, stellar (silver), plum yum - similar to mysteria, regal, vamp, so bae and baeby. She noted that she came up with the names by putting different lippies on model, staring at them long enough, tapping into her creativity to record the first title that came to mind.

Looking up to Tom Ford and his campaigns and marketing strategies, Edmond hopes to garner a similar budget and is doing everything she can to reach those heights with cosmetics.

The grease free and cruelty free product has been compared to that of international model Keyshia Ka'oir. While Edmond defends her lip kits, stating hers is much different, she takes the stance of ‘why can’t we all get along?’ revealing, “Instead if competing to be the best, what's wrong with having two great companies excel?”

The company is located in the United States of America, where Edmond resides, but she wanted to spread this glitz and glamorous love her roots in the tropics of jam rock. Shipping, she says, was once difficult, but the company figured out a way how to deliver efficiently. She has even contacted local stores and appointed local ambassadors to retail merchandise.

What’s next for Stay Golden Cosmetics? Two words: lit lidz. Iridescent and glittery pigment of eye shadow are pretty intense and are definitely must haves for the party scene. So, if it's your birthday or any other special occasion, if you’re into being bold, if you're into something extra, and looking for a party bestie, then Stay Golden Cosmetics has your lips covered.

For more information on how you can get your lips on Stay Golden Cosmetics, visit the website:, check them out on social media Instagram and Facebook: Stay Golden Cosmetics @staygoldencosmetics @glitterlipkit They’re available at Tones Makeup Outlet: Shop 21 Port Henderson Plaza, Portmore - Instagram and Facebook:@tonesja and TonesJa