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Tru Rebel Fashion razes the beach

Published:Thursday | August 2, 2018 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson

Swim season is practically all year round on our green shores. But the summer could use an extra sizzle with fun in the sun colours, patterns and prints 'one pieced', 'bikinied', 'monokinied' and even 'tankinied' to fit the beautiful curvy Caribbean bodice. Looking to make a sultry splash in deep or wading waters in fierce fashion? Then discover your risque power with Tru Rebel Exotic Wear.

Designer Trudy-Ann Powell is no stranger to fashion. In fact, the 28 year old from Mandeville told Flair that her grandmother introduced her to sewing when she was six years old. "Fashion was always a dream for me. I always loved food and clothing in high school but I didn't know which one to start with. Fashion chose me and I just strut with it on the catwalk, no looking back."


Pleasure meets Business


But it took the pursuit of pleasure for her to even consider the possibility of starting her own business. When she met the love of her life, Vinton Hulcome, three year ago, she was participating in one of his video shoots, wearing a swimsuit, her original design. "He asked me where I got my swimsuit and l told him I made it." Surprised and impressed, he expressed his interests. And when they got to talking about hopes and dreams, he queried why she wasn't doing this professionally, encouraging her to begin a new and exciting journey.

Powell admits that she never thought about creating exotic swimwear for others, but it wouldn't hurt to spread her trendy wings and fly into the wonderful world of fashion.

Almost three years later, business, she says, has been an amazing, enlightening and humbling learning experience, both mentally and physically. "I wouldn't call what I've gone through obstacles: to me they are more like stepping stones and life lessons. I've realised I have to always be prepared for anything and I've been learning a lot about myself in the process. As an entrepreneur, the value of time, money and being organised are vital to success," she added.

Powell powers through her designs based on the greatness that comes to mind, either sketching or cutting to the chase of pattern and stitching. Other occasions, she seeks inspiration from Pinterest or other clothing interests, "If I see a dress with a nice neckline, I would create a swimwear with that same accessory."

So if you want to be daring and different, with exotic waves in mix, then 'sea' more slaying adventures in Tru Rebel Exotic Wear Today!

Shoot Credit

Creative Directors: Krysta Anderson and Ricardo Makyn

Photographer: Ricardo Makyn

Creative assistant: Vinton Hulcome

Model and Designer: Trudy-Ann Powell

Shoot location: Wickie Wackie, Bull Bay, St Thomas

Swimsuits provides by: Tru Rebel Exotic Wear

Instagram: @trurebelexoticwear

Call: 876-465-0920