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Dannice Greaves a blooming author

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Dannice Greaves
Dannice Greaves
Dannice Greaves
Dannice Greaves
Dannice Greaves


Sometimes the most beautiful plants come forth through tough circumstances, and this sunflower, Dannice Greaves, found herself fertilised by a past of being an outsider into an author.

She was born and raised in Port Antonio, Portland. Greaves was raised by her grandmother and her father. There was very little communication with her mother. As a child, she found pleasure in reading, and it paid off as she became very intelligent and stood out in her community.

Though she grew up with two of her six siblings and cousins, she still felt like a bit of a loner. Her interests did not align with theirs and she found herself feeling a bit misunderstood, and so she became withdrawn. She soon realised that she found solace in writing and started to write poetry and short stories as early as age nine.




Her life changed drastically when she got pregnant in high school. This not only had a huge impact on her, but for some family members who were somewhat disappointed as they thought this would limit her abilities. Her grandmother, however, remained supportive and faithful.

"They had so much hope for me and I think that they believed that this was just something that happened to stop that, and it broke their heart," she told Flair. They eventually came around but four hours and seven minutes after giving birth, her baby boy passed away. It was devastating. Something that was almost unbearable.

Though her pregnancy was unplanned, over the months she had developed a bond with her unborn child and was looking forward to being a mother. Losing him truly broke her heart and she found it difficult to move forward.

Greaves realised that she still had life and so she picked up herself and went to an extension institution and then on to her first job. But her first love was never forgotten and she self-published her first book in April 2017 titled Me First This Time. This was a collection of poetry and prose that she had written over a period of time.

Immediately after publishing her first book she started writing her second.

"Sunflower, You have Bloomed is from a more mature voice. It is where I am not and me seeing how I have bloomed despite my past and the potential of me growing," she told Flair.

She also self-published Sunflower, You Have Bloomed; it was published in March of this year. While the self-publishing process was a bit difficult, Greaves was still a bit surprised by the reception.

"I have women come to me and say that I gave them hope and I gave them a voice," she shared.

Currently, outside of promoting her two books, she has started a feminine self-care package called 'What's in the Box'. It is similar to a subscription box but women can just make a single order instead on a monthly commitment. The box consists of almost everything a woman needs during her cycle, from sanitary napkins to pampering items like facial masks and snacks to help their cravings.

She plans to launch her own scented candle line by the end of October, which will have a few traditional fragrances as well as a few surprises.

She constantly pushes herself because failure is not an option for her. A third book will come, but Greaves admits that not right now as she is promoting her current works and working on her other businesses.

Still, if there is one advice she had for aspiring authors it would be to do research, not only for content but on the people that you might be working with and all the avenues of publishing because while many might think it is difficult, it might be easier than they think. They just need to start.