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Make your lips 'Bee Phenomenal'

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Bee Phenomenal Lip Balm
Bee Phenomenal Lip Balm
Bee Phenomenal Lip Balm
Bee Phenomenal Lip Balm
Bee Phenomenal Lip Balm


"My lips and hands are my instruments. I love anything that concerns the advancement of people and I believe that I am here to fulfil my purpose," are the words of entrepreneur Shanique Shand. Her purpose is to help others 'bee' phenomenal.

Her focus is improving your skincare and steering your personal development. The former Kingston and St Andrew Festival Queen and second runner-up to the National Farm Queen crown recently opened windows, luring others to her virtual business. She calls it Bee Phenomenal International and uses the tag line 'Products, purpose, and personal development'. Currently, she's making lip balms made of beeswax from the honeybee; and plans to expand her offerings to include soaps, skin scrubs, bath salts, and more soon.

The University of the West Indies graduate has a burning interest in the sciences. At first, she dreamt of studying medicine but was sidetracked into zoology. The latter has equipped her with the wisdom she needs to make her products to best suit your desires.




"It took a while for me to accept that medicine is not for me. But I'm at peace with that now and I just want to achieve what I've set out to accomplish. Now, I believe that I have a part to play in Jamaica's economy and this is what I am going to do," the promising business-woman told Flair.

Shand's father is a farmer who specialises in apiary culture. She has been admiring his hard work over the years. This eventually caused him to become the beacon that inspired her to boldly migrate to the commercial realm. A mere conversation with her father one afternoon gave her the grand idea to start her business.

Having gone through a period where she struggled to decipher the worth of her existence and people's expectations of her, she meticulously crafted the personal aspect of her business to assist others in discerning their purpose. To resolve her issue, she sought for the woman who she truly is. And this is one of the techniques she's brought to the table to help you. Her greatest weapon is confidence coaching, a tool she uses carefully to yield the best results.

"I have overcome low sel- confidence and I want to help others who walk that road to conquer that struggle.When you study the bee you realise that they are very structured and know their role. And I think that if we knew our purposes in life we would be more focused and productive in our pursuits than being divided and disorganised," the go-getter said with a smile.

The multitalented St Ann native is making her name in other spheres, like the entertainment industry. Hosting events and delivering stimulating and transformational messages at speaking engagements are some of the adventures she has embarked on. Writing is the latest road Shand has trod. She hopes to have her book published in November of this year and inspire others with empowering and metamorphic substance. While wearing all these hats, she strives to be a demonstrator of excellence and rounded individual without compromising her faith.

She says, "I feel like I am really using my God-given talent and abilities to do something meaningful. And that makes me happy.""