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Man up to nature's skincare

Published:Friday | November 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Operating under the notion that men's skin requires the same care as women's, Nature's Pure Oils and Cosmetics is here to help men attain the best results.

The three-year-old entity that centres on hair and skincare is owned by couple Georgia and Neil Gordon, who promote beauty using products made of natural elements found right here in Jamaica.

"Some men think that it's only women who need to do this, and that's what we want to change. Taking care of yourself is very beneficial to you and it's important that men understand, especially when it concerns presenting yourself to others like (in) the corporate world," Georgia explained.

Applauding men who have already accepted and are acting on the need to maintain a healthy skin, the 45-year-old entrepreneur emphasises that consistency is the only means by which they will ever achieve their desired goal.

Georgia wants men to get a flawless glow and, therefore, recommends a number of products that she asserts will effectively get the job done, if they are used as directed.




Water is definitely one of the best factors as it concerns proper skincare management. The regular eight glasses a day will do as much as they can, but the charm expert declares that using the handmade products to complete the process is even better.

"I would recommend all my products because they are specially made for this purpose, but the turmeric line of products is the best option. This includes a face mask, soap, and moisturiser. These are great for hyperpigmentation, clears dark spots, eczema, and acne," she said.

Exfoliating your skin as required and moisturising daily when your skin is damp are two central habits she wishes all men would adopt. At times, these will not be the only measures that you'll need to take. Detoxifying the skin is another habit that she strongly recommends. It's simply removing all impurities and dead skin cells from the face or other areas of the body to renew and revitalise the skin.

"You can dedicate an entire week to this or if not, find the best time that works for you. The turmeric mask is a great choice for this task. It's made of several clays and powders that are beneficial to the skin that initiate the detox process. It will push out all the toxins that are under the skin," she said.


Scrubs and Suds


Nature Pure Oils and Cosmetics also specialises in soaps and scrubs. It's aim is to offer skin-tightening and toning tools that make excellent anti-ageing agents, giving you a handsome and youthful appearance. Her soaps, she says, are made strictly using a cold-press method. Promising to always supply you with the necessary 'food' for your skin, she said: "I started out making these items because I know how beneficial they are for our bodies, and that's what makes us continue. I know you'll fall in love with the offerings because of your results. But remember, using them one time won't make a difference."

The company currently operates on a virtual platform, but it's products are available in stores across the Jamaica and Atlanta.

For more information contact the company at (876) 528-0887.