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Kelly's World | I resolve to do ... nothing

Published:Thursday | December 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM

New Year's resolutions are like two people who can't fight, threatening to hit each other - despite all the huffing and puffing, nothing ever happens.

I've heard people say that they have every intention to lose weight or gain weight. I've heard people say they're going to learn a new skill.

I've seen persons vow to cut out eating certain foods, drinking certain liquids, and participating in certain hobbies.

Now, I won't say that the failure rate is higher than the US dollar was in the middle of the year.

But it's not a stellar record from what I can recall. In cricket terms, the people I can remember making resolutions are pretty much racking up scores of less than 20.

The problem, I think, with persons is that they try too hard to make things happen.

A resolution doesn't have to be something drastic.

It doesn't have to be a complete 180-degree turn from something you used to do.

So, for instance, if you used to smoke cigarettes, some persons try to quit 'cold turkey'.

I'm not a fan of that method (not that I've ever had any vice that I needed to be broken from, in my opinion).


Fall off the Wagon


So what generally seems to happen is that the person might go without it for a few days, but then 'boof'! They fall right back off the wagon.

I suggest people should make realistic resolutions.

If you know you have trouble even losing five pounds (and some people have very uncooperative bodies like that), I don't know if it's realistic to think you can lose 50 by the time Carnival swings around.

If you've never cooked in your life, not even boil tea, then I don't know if you'll be a gourmet chef by mid-January. Life, at least in my eyes, just doesn't work that way.

So, like I've done many years since I became an adult (even though I don't always act like one), I've resolved to do nothing.

That's right, I ain't planning and talking about doing anything to change how I am.

I know myself, and I will plan something to death, and then not do it.

That's not going to happen. If I'm changing anything, it's going to be somewhere between on a whim and after a couple of days of thought.

It will not be after any great research or planning.

Can I tell you right now what those changes even might be? Nope.

Can I tell you when I might look to try and make some sort of change? Negative.

Am I aware I might go through 2019 (provided God spares my life) without changing anything at all? Yep.

Am I worried that might look like I'm inert and I might come off as worthless? Not one bit.

I've lived long enough to know that many times, you don't make changes, changes are thrust upon you, whether you did ready fi dem or not.

So like Queen Ifrica said, "I'll roll with punches". But this guy is not perturbed. Bring it on, 2019, let's go.

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