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Organic skin care with Eleanor Terrelonge

Published:Thursday | January 3, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Eleanor Terrelonge had never envisioned herself as an entrepreneur, until early last year. Brewing with an adoration for healthy glowing skin and a desire to share a few of her personal self-care practices, she leaped into the business arena opening Be A Goodie, a natural skincare and lifestyle enterprise.

The 25-year-old burgeoning scientist skilfully creates her commodities, which includes face and body masks and the latest addition to her collection lip balms. These are all handmade. She makes them from some of the richest organic properties in Jamaica such as coffee, coconut, and honey.

"I started out small and initially I didn't think that persons would have actually wanted to purchase my products. But the first lesson I learnt from my venture is to never underestimate my products. Because of my fear, I was unprepared for the number of orders I received and it caused me scramble around to meet the demands," Terrelonge told Flair.

With a knack for the sciences and the spin-offs of pursuing a PhD in molecular biology at the University of the West Indies, Mona, Terrelonge enjoys the process of each product. For years, she's been making these products, but usually they were merely for her benefits. Now, you're guaranteed to find her at the weekends passionately manipulating and experimenting with concoctions to produce excellent products that will keep your skin radiant, moisturised or looking ravishing youthful.

"And I create products that are user friendly. So, they come with gloves, applicator and other components that make it super easy for application and as attractive as possible," she said.




According to Terrelonge "a goodie as a woman who is intellectually and physically attractive, thinks independently, exudes confidence and strong" she adopted the term to represent her brand.

"This is what I want to promote among over women. I'm also pushing healthy lifestyle habits because at some point whatever you are doing will affect your skin. So, I'm a big promoter of habits such as proper hydration," she explained.

The Glow heads her skin care line. It's powerful components turmeric and lime juice aid in reducing inflammation, add a gorgeous shimmer to the body and lighten dark spots. The Nourisher, another of her famous gems is designed to prevent and reverse damage caused by an overexposure to the sunlight and ultraviolet rays. It's also acts as an excellent moisturiser that will keep the skin hydrated. But Terrelonge's favourite is the exfoliator. The coconut oil and brown sugar based scrub perfectly gets rid of dead skin cells and acne, leaving you looking flawless.

"I've realised that males have started to focus on their skin quality and I want to help me with their goal. So, I created 'Di Genna 'and to be honest now I have more male clients than females.It can be used as an aftershave because it fights ingrown hair infections plus white and black heads. Also well as it keeps beards smooth and shiny," a confident Terrelonge explained.

She noted that her customer's satisfaction is the greatest satisfaction she's experienced. Terrelonge looks forward to completing her studies this year. Although she is enthusiastic about this, her first love, Be A Goodie and helping you achieve the best skin care results, she declares are her priorities.

For more information contact 876-807-6200 or visit www.beagoodie.com.