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Errol Campbell Preparing youngsters for their rightful place

Published:Monday | February 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Errol Campbell gets complete satisfaction in the classroom.
Campbell explains that spontaneous teaching moments are what he lives for.
It’s class time. Campbell gets ready to teach his students the lesson of the day.
The versatile educator intends to continue changing the lives of his students.
Deneiro Hines the 2016 Gleaner’s Children’s Own Spelling Bee parish champion for Clarendon receives a hug from coach Errol Campbell after winning the competition.
Serenading guests with his harmonious sounds at the 2015 Spelling Bee dinner was an easy feat for the songbird.
Coach Campbell contragulates the 2019 Spelling Bee Champion Darian Douglas.

If you’re not doing what you love, then certainly you are wasting time. Teacher at the McAuley Primary School in Spanish town and the winning Spelling Bee coach, Errol Campbell, agrees wholeheartedly. The knowledge imparter is out and about making a difference in the lives of children. He’s determined to prepare youngsters to take up their rightful place in society. Of course, through teaching and coaching.

“I enjoy motivating young people. That’s why I teach. I’m passionate about my profession, especially learning new content as it relates to my crafts. And sharing information is fun for me, and seeing the joy it brings when my students are learning keeps me going,” Campbell said.

He continued: “As for coaching, it pushes me to come up with innovative ways of helping my spellers to gain mastery. I get satisfaction from it, too, because I love languages and reading.”

He has been teaching and coaching spelling for 18 years. The humble soul spent his childhood between two communities, Spanish Town and Portmore, which pushed him to excel.

Campbell always dreamt of becoming a teacher and believes that his place in the classroom is a divine destiny. He told Flair that many years ago, his prayer mother delivered a prophetic message, which declared to him that he is bound to become a teacher. He admitted that countless times he pondered practising several other professions. Among them were becoming an accountant, doctor, or reporter. But in the end, his adoration for teaching silently suffocated the little hope he had for the other fields.

“I just believe it’s innate. I was always thinking about it. I was teaching or helping my friends,” he firmly asserted.



In the 2019 Spelling Bee competition, Campbell had his third consecutive win. He compares the effect of this glorious victory to be as melodious as the music he sweetly makes.


He has an appreciation for music. The songbird, who regularly displays his talent at his place of worship, the Portmore Evangelistic Centre, hopes to start a singing career, recording gospel music or tunes that offer motivation and inspiration for those who need them. He enjoys classic gospel music, but hill songs are his favourite.


The St Joseph Teachers’ College graduate sees himself as a soulful inspirator. Meticulous and humble are words, which he believes best describes his role. Paying keen attention to his duties or anything else that he is tasked with and executing his purpose with great diligence are his top qualities.


He considers being in the classroom as more than a job. It’s his place to shine. Plus spontaneous teaching moments are what he lives for. “I bring creativity to the classroom. Sometimes I’ll even go red-carpet style and treat my students like the true stars they are.”




“As soon as I entered the classroom at McAuley Primary school, I wanted to make a contribution because I was a speller while in primary school, but I didn’t do well like my spellers now,” she said with a smile.


So, he sought permission from my then principal Mr Jerry Banton to start up a Spelling Bee Programme. He explained that coaching has taught him invaluable lessons, some he wouldn’t have learnt anywhere else. It made him become a researcher, master the art of exercising patience, plan purposefully, and definitely a wider vocabulary. But that’s not all.


“It helped me to become aware of the different types of learners and spellers and how to unearth the excellence that lies within them,” Campbell said.


There’s more to Campbell than being a teacher and coach. He manages the Windsor Lion’s youth football team, is an avid track-and-field fan and the coach of the McAuley Primary School Quiz team. Asked how he balances all the hats along with his duties to his family he quickly responded that proper time management is key to making all things work.


He aims to continue to create a change in the lives of his students and others with whom he comes in contact.


Youths, too, are on his agenda. He said that there’s always an opportunity for one to excel and it starts with your passion.


“To be great at anything, you have to have an insatiable attitude for that thing. Love what you are doing and believe in it wholeheartedly until it becomes a reality. Always believe in your goals, work diligently, learn from your mistakes, be persistent and dedicated as you pursue excellence and never compare yourself to anyone,” he advised.