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Yoga is for men, too

Published:Monday | February 25, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Yoga instructor Jason Worton demonstrates a simple relaxation technique.
Reclining spinal twist stretches and massages back muscles as well as the hips.
Stretching increases your flexibility.
Sitting with crossed legs is a classical yoga position that helps you meditate more easily.

The mind-body practice is done globally, and many believe that it’s better suited for females. But instructor at Afya Yoga Studio, Jason Worton, sees the ascetic discipline differently and is encouraging more men to get their mats and yoga pants ready for a worthwhile change. And it could very well be the answer for building the muscles and overall athletic form.

“It’s unfortunate that in the West, yoga is perceived as a white-woman hobby. This couldn’t be any farther from reality. In most parts of the world, it is done by everyone, regardless of a person’s gender, age, religion, or race. And a major reason for some men’s timidness when it comes to yoga is that many of them are intimidated by the thought of actually doing something and seeing a woman do it better,” Worton lamented.

Priceless Rewards


Worton, who is more popularly known as a reggae artiste, has been doing yoga for almost three years. Falling in love with the rewards of the meditative art and the advantages that each gives off in different spheres, he is bent on sharing this experience one class at a time. He told Flair that the merits are priceless.


“Yoga has proven benefits for strength, stamina and faster recovery from injuries, such as those sustained in sports. I’m a passionate surfer and I know what it can do. Also, higher energy levels from the exercise improves your breathing, significantly lower stress levels, and, of course, keeps you feeling a bit more youthful and vigorous. These are great for anyone, but I believe in today’s Jamaica these things are extremely important for us men,” he said.




The experts confirmed that all you need to begin this wholesome journey are a towel or exercise mat to practice on, and clothes that allow easy movement. Worton asserts that there’s no specific attire for yoga, as he teaches techniques that can even be mastered in the typical office wear while you are at work. And you don’t have to be flexible.


“To be fair, a lot of people have the wrong idea that they have to already be flexible to try yoga.


I teach a gentle class ideal for beginners or older person. It’s a beautiful studio with lots of props and accessories to make the practice more enhanced and also easier for everyone,” he said.




Simple poses that loosen places like the back, shoulders, and hamstrings are what Worton recommends for first-time yoga practitioners. These are the top places that have a lot of tension in men. According to the instructor, physical work and stress are the factors that often cause these nuisances. So he suggests positions such as sitting on the ground with straight legs and stretching hands forward.


“Don’t worry if they barely pass your knees, just rest them on your legs, relax your neck and take a few deep breaths. Do this with legs together and then legs wide apart. Sit up, do some back twists and try walking your hands behind you while looking up. Make sure you’re breathing nice and deep the whole time,” Worton advised.


The instructor further explained: “Everybody should do it every day. Even if it means just one or two stretches before or after sleeping, to make you feel a little more relaxed, or refreshed. That counts. You don’t have to think of it as a formal yoga practice, its just being mindful to take care of yourself. It’s all about wellness.”


Worton invites all his ‘bredrens’ to visit his classes or another one that is more convenient. Remember to make the benefits a priority. It’s a competitive sport and will help you to focus. Yoga is life.


For more information, contact Afya Yoga Studio, 2D Bamboo Ave at 876-977-6735.