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Business | Kamala McWhinney - Holds the Key to Self Love

Published:Monday | March 4, 2019 | 12:00 AMLatara Boodie - Gleaner Writer

Kamala McWhinney knows what it takes to rise above. How else would this vibrant, smart and enjoyable creature of passion, be able to not only kick cancer, but create a lifestyle brand which aids in cultivating self love and being a rockstar at your own life? As an Associate Clinical Psychologist, entrepreneur and a Woman Warrior living on purpose, McWhinney can be seen as a beacon of strength and femininity. After surviving Breast Cancer at age 30 she has become passionate about sharing her intentional approach to life with other women and young girls.

While lecturing at the UWI she was inspired to create a space within which she could host interactive ‘lectures’ on how to ‘do’ life and love. While interacting with her students she saw a need to engage them outside of academia and help to share practical resources and life skills. Possessed by this dream she resigned from UWI in 2017 and launched the White Lotus Blooms Life Class Series.

The first Class was held in March 2018 and is set to take on a Monthly format starting on February 2, 2019. The series has been dubbed “Get Your Blooming Love Life!” and will offer practical resources for single women, couples and single men. Based on her 10 years of experience as a Clinician and her own experiences in love and life Kamala recently wrote her first book entitled Leveling up in Love. It is currently available as an e-book.Her niche expertise has been sought out by the Gleaner for the Flair ‘Hot Topix’ series, TVJ’s Smile Jamaica, Wellness seminars and others.

The reviews for White Lotus Blooms Life Classes are phenomenal. "The lessons learnt at this event were life changing and extremely practical. I recommend this class to ladies who are in a relationship were in a relationship, contemplating, and those who have given up on being in a relationship. You will discover you," said Daint, Cohort 1.

Her life classes also focus on loving who you are and appreciating your natural self image. "I was inspired by the quote "So many years of learning, yet no one taught us how to love or be loved." I want to use my gifts and experiences to help women and girls thrive in love and in life and by extension enrich relationships and family life," said McWhinney.

Her entrepreneurship ventures include a design house which specializes in handmade fascinators and most recently a line of wearable therapy and affirmations on T-shirts and mugs. Out of her focus on wellness across all areas of life, McWhinney founded a line of luxury body care products to help women and men to focus on self-care and self-love.

McWhinney is building an empire that is focused on the growth and development of mental health among young people. With the era of social media slowly depreciating self worth and being the cause of unhappiness for many, she sees it as her duty to restore and instil a sense of pride and love in oneself. When she is not working on one of her many passion projects she is taking her own advice and tapping into self-care and relaxation.