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The millennial effect in fashion

Published:Monday | March 18, 2019 | 12:00 AMNatalia Oh - Contributor

Millennials (People aged 19-35) have emerged in recent years as the most significant and valuable customer base throughout the globe. Their collective desires, dislikes, and shopping habits have the ability to make or break almost any brand, which explains why so many marketing campaigns specifically target this group. While their influence spans a wide range of industries, from technology to travel, one area where millennials have really made their mark is in the fashion world.

The fashion choices of different millennials will vary depending on their personal preferences, budget, and background. However, whether it’s for date night, corporate meetings, or even just hanging with friends, millennials tend to look for clothing that’s versatile and functional with styles that allow them to showcase their unique personalities. Any Jamaican store looking to cater to this demographic must keep these factors in mind.

One local retailer that has really tapped into this lucrative market is Maxie Department Store. Millennials are known for breaking free from rigid traditions and charting their own course. Maxie has responded to this trend by offering bold, yet adaptable pieces that work just as well for a breakfast meeting as they do for chic after-work drinks at the Melting Pot Bar located at the Knutsford Court Hotel.

While on set at a recent Maxie-styled shoot, Melting Pot operations manager Saran Hutchinson noted, “The Melting Pot has, for years, been a favourite restaurant and bar spot for many people both visiting and living in Kingston. What makes it special is the very authentic vibe present. As you enter, you instantly feel relaxed. The food is great, and the wait staff treat you like royalty, no matter how full the place is. We invite everyone who hasn’t visited us to come and enjoy the experience because it truly is something special.”

Although Jamaica does not necessarily adhere to season-specific fashion, some clear trends have emerged that are expected to dominate both the boardroom and the party scene during summer 2019. These include bold patterns, bright colours, and stylish ruffles – all available at Maxie.




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