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Reflections of a stroke survivor - Hilary Wehby launches ‘My New Normal’

Published:Monday | March 18, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Hilary Wehby presents her books to the Missionaries of the Poor Music Ministry.
Hilary’s mother, Elizabeth Betty-Ann Moss-Solomon, is delighted with her handful of books.
From left are Ann-Merita Golding, Kris Anthony Turner and Minna Israel, who were out to show their support.
From left: Marlene Campbell, director, business development and communication, MIND; Annmarie Brandt-Jackson, banking consultant; and Glynis Salmon of Bala Press, publisher of ‘My New Normal’, enjoying a moment in front of the cameras.
Abigail Wehby (left) and Anna Issa.
Hilary Wehby gets a kiss from her father, Peter Moss-Solomon.
Don, Hilary (left) and daughter Stephanie Wehby browse through the new book.
Don Wehby poses with his wife Hilary (left), and daughters Stephanie (second right) and Abigail.
Hilary Wehby (second right) gets kisses from her nurses (from left) Sherine Williams, Tracy Ann Lampart, and Marsha McCooty.
From left: Karen Forrester, Catherine Radlein and Andrea Daly all grabbed a copy of Hilary Wehby’s new book for themselves.
Hilary Wehby signs a copy of her book for her doctor, Dr. Carl Bruce.

It was indeed an occasion to be celebrated as Hilary Wehby, after surviving a stroke, was able to make good on her recovery and pen her story in a new book titled My New Normal... Reflections of a Stroke Survivor. The launch was held recently at Hope Fellowship Church, 23 Molynes Road, Kingston, and saw family, close friends, and well-wishers turning out to the intimate gathering to hail this strong and courageous woman. Here are the highlights.