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All Tied Up With Craziisocks

Published:Monday | March 25, 2019 | 12:17 AM

Whether you count yourself as someone who cares about fashion or not, chances are you have something like a favourite hat, a special pair of sunglasses, or even a watch or ring that means a lot to you. These are accessories. They’re add-ons to an outfit – however considered. Many men may recoil at the unnecessarily gendered term ‘accessories’, but like it or not, they’re just as essential to any man’s outfit as a pair of pants or a T-shirt.

The most stylish men get the praise they deserve, especially when accessorised with the latest fashion trends. All Tied Up and Craziisocks offer premium male accessories that are meant to enhance the male work attire and provide a more polished look. Both brands are geared to make any man look suave, sexy, and sophisticated for any occasion.

What started at university as a hobby, grew into a club which is now a profitable investment for Marc Lewis, Kirk Buchanan, Marlon Lewis, Aldane Dawkins and Dlayne Blair. “We’re all friends from UWI, so after speaking, we decided to collaborate. Both companies complement each other as such we decided to package our items together,” said Blair.

All Tied Up and Craziisocks were started as a result of encountering great difficulty when searching for high-quality items at an affordable price. So they decided to make it easier for males who are entering the working world to find their image at a reasonable price.

Their products focus on full-length socks that fit size 7-12, no-show socks, neck ties, bow ties, tie clips, lapel pins, pocket squares, and armbands. “Normally, we select what we believe is work-appropriate while also being fashionable. Then the selection is reviewed by the team.

According to Blair, both socks and tie pins are necessary because tie pins help to keep the tie flat on your chest which keeps your image tidy and neat. With a pair of Craziisocks on your feet, you’re able to add more of your personality to your image.

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