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Carefree, Confident & Fabulous

Published:Monday | April 8, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
Cover you bikini likes this summer with HOSE.
Olive green is perfect on any skin tone and can be worn to any bikini-themed event
Summer is on the horizon. Do you see it?
Choose your colour. There’s one for me and one for you.
HOSE did not forget the ladies who enjoy full coverage but still want to show off their sultry style.
Yellow, white and everything nice.
Retro-glam anyone?
Ice cream on the beach with hose.
Say yes to beige with a splash of colour.

Every body is a ‘bikini body’, and as a rule of thumb, you should only buy pieces that make you feel buoyant when you put them on. Flair was inspired by Tamo Ennis’ new bikini line, ‘SMOCKED IN THE FACE’, which is a play on the name of the textured fabric most of the swimmies are made from. Smocked fabric is soft and gathered like the bubble gum fabric that made many of our dresses in the early ’90s. Ennis likened the line to her personal style as a nod to retro and the young playful girl in all of us.

When asked where the ideas stemmed from, the eccentric designer explained that she underwent an operation at nine years old, which subsequently left a scar on her inner left thigh, which rocked her confidence when she wore a bikini. These fun retro-flavoured glam pieces have detailed high cuts and assorted trimming accessories to add sophisticated glamour.

“You can frolic or strut ‘carefreely’, confident and fab!”


Designer: Tamo Ennis

Line is called: HOSE

Instagram page: @ilovethosehose

Collection: Smocked in the face

Photographer: Wade Rhoden @waderhoden

Models: Singer/Songwriter Sevana @callmesevana and Sara Palmer @iamdeepalmer

MUA: Loni Jones @lonijonesmakeup

Creative director: Curt Cawley