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Fun, fresh & effective ‘Skin Treats’

Published:Monday | April 15, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
Coconut Macaroon body butter.
Skin Treats came through with the variety.
Skin Treats whipped body butter in Mango Daiquiri.
The Mocha Cappuccino Scrub

By the time most people get around to age 20, they quickly realise the importance of a skincare routine. Many start out by cleansing their face first thing in the morning and last, when they take their nightcap shower to get settled in bed. However, as they get older and become more exposed, they realise that incorporating moisturisers and exfoliants make a world of difference.

When Renae Scott moved to Kingston at 19 years old for university, she quickly noticed that there was room for more ideas on the local beauty market and decided to make organic skincare solutions that are effective with a tantalising aroma.

“Skin Treats Body Confectioneries pretty much started out on the basis of noticing that I have sensitive skin. When I ventured out to find solutions, our local market didn’t have the complete package. They either smelled good or didn’t work, or worked but smelled horrid, so I decided to put products on the market that were organic and balanced,” the Montego Bay native said.

The Products

The three major components of any fruitful skincare routine are the cleanser, the scrub, and the moisturiser. Fortunately for Jamaicans, Skin Treats specialises in all three components, but with an extensive fragrance profile. Each appealing in its own unique way with scents such as peppermint, cinnamon, lavender, tropical fruit, coffee, grapefruit, chocolate, vanilla, and much so more.

The ingredients in each of these organic treats are skincare necessities such as shea butter and coconut oil, along with other essential vitamins and minerals that help promote radiantly healthy skin. They are customisable, especially if you are allergic to one of the ingredients used or suffer from fragrance sensitivity. Skin Treats are done to order in small batches to ensure that the customer is served a fresh product each time a delivery is made.

When asked about her personal favourites, Scott did not hesitate.

“I enjoy all my products but my go-to soap is Tropixx because of its summery fragrance. I’m in a love relationship with the Coconut Macaroon body butter, and to exfoliate, I usually reach for my Coffee sugar scrub.”

Like all products, testimonials are the icing on the cake, and Scott, a budding entrepreneur, recalled one of her customer’s experiences that made her felt like she was indeed making a difference on the skincare scene.

“One of my customers bought the body butter for herself but ran out of lotion and decided to use the product on her daughter, who had a strange rash. In a matter of two days, the elated customer reported that the bumps were subsiding.”

For more information, follow them on Instagram @theskintreats, visit their website at or reach them the traditional way by calling 876-575-2227