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StocKINGS by Kandi: All about the Kut

Published:Monday | April 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Introducing the new and exciting V Band stocKINGS, courtesy of ‘Karnival Kween’, Kandi King,
StocKING V-Bands by the dozens. Kandi King beams with pride by her innovative entrepreneurial pursuits.
Adjusting to V Band stockings was a breeze for King who personally experienced the fashion faux pas of rolled up or visibly unsightly stockings accomapying the costumes.
Up close and personal with the Kween of Karnival, Kandi King,

You don’t have to stitch or glue the waistbands to your carnival costume panties anymore. Yes, these tricks are great at preventing that muffin top you so despise, that is, if you do them right. But now you can get the clean look you desire. Just wear a V-Band stocking.

StocKINGS by Kandi is a name you should become familiar with. Kandi King, ‘Karnival Kween’ and entrepreneur, is the person who is introducing this style to Jamaica Carnival. Stockings are one of the must-haves for the festivities that are to come. This is her first venture of supplying accessories for the much-anticipated annual revelry and one she is sure ladies will need.

Observing the dilemma of some girls over the last few years who struggle with hiding their stocking waistbands or simply giving in to the tacky look of wearing the bands above their panties, she challenged herself to find a solution. And she did.

“I never liked that. And it bothered me, too, but I found a way around the problem. I would put it on and do a little base stitch around the waist to let it stay in place. But I was always saying that if the stocking could be shaped like a V, then it could look cleaner,”


Making sketches of this ideal add-on and searching high and low for the best hosiery supplier to bring life to the design, King stopped at nothing to ensure that they were ready for April 28.

Currently, the fashionable addition, which gives off an attractive mien, is only available in fishnets. Fishnets are known to produce an airbrushing illusion and these are no exception. Plus, they smooth out wrinkles and dimples camouflaging imperfections and leave your legs looking more alluring.

King gives you five shades to choose from: Kandi, Kookie, Koral, Kupkake, and Kaviar, and are only available in one size. Getting your true shade is imperative, just as fitting in her costume or perfecting your make-up. This is why King is not accepting orders virtually or over the phone.

“Remember, how they look on a screen is not a full representation of how they look in real life. I want to see you and match your skin tone. This is the only way we can ensure that you’ll get the perfect stocking,” she explained.

So, as you prepare to jump, King says: “Always wear socks and put them on first. One of the mistakes I’ve made in the past is to put on the stocking and then put on my shoes. That’s a no-no. The stocking will pull against your foot in the shoe and you can get boils.”

The stockings are not yet available in Jamaica, but the orders are growing. They are expected to touch down during the carnival week, prior to the road march. That’s when she’ll have a pop-up show at the Chinese Benevolent Association.

For more information visit Stockings by Kandi on Instagram.