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Effeminate? No Way.

Published:Monday | April 29, 2019 | 12:00 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
All black for a sophisticated but casual look. Why not mix and match?
Never mix metals. Gold anyone?
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Watches, rings, bracelets, cufflinks. As men, when you hear the word ‘accessories’ as it relates to fashion, it is easy for you to get a tad flustered. After all, you have been throwing on your staple black skinny jeans and the solid-colour slim-fit button-down shirt (your mom gifted you last Christmas) to every other date night and the ladies seem to love it, so why complicate life, right?

Fashion may not seem very versatile for the average man but there is, in fact, a great deal you can do that is not limited to clothing. That’s where Flair and the last of the Swiss Stores in Jamaica come in, offering you a wide selection of options that will have you looking like a dapper catch in a sea of forgettable faces. On their own, these small pieces of gold, silver, stainless steel, or other jewel-friendly materials are merely lost on the body, but coupled with a snazzy outfit, a solid statement can be made.

Let’s take a look at some of the must-have statement accessory pieces that should definitely be a part of your closet.

Neck Chains

Ties and scarves are good but they just don’t work for every occasion. Breakfast parties, beach parties, and adventure-themed dates all require little effort, but you still want to look fashionable. Neck chains are lightweight and easy to wear because they can be hidden under clothing and create a feeling of curiosity in others; the perfect conversation starter. Feeling a little risqué? Open the first few buttons and show off your embellished neckline. Sounds like a snack.

Rings and bracelets

Think about it, is there ever a time when you don’t use your hands? Why not adorn them? Men of royalty have worn ornamental bracelets for thousands of years and 2019 isn’t very different. They key is finding the balance and learning the rules. Keep it simple and never mix metals. Your outfits should only feature one metal tone at a time and unless you’re going for a ‘new money’ look, as tempting as it might be, fight the urge to wear rings on all 10 fingers.


Decorative and functional. The perfect piece to ease you into the habit of accessorising. It is a non-stop train ride to practical fashion town. Watches are just as safe as wedding rings and are acceptable for all occasions. With watches, less is more, so the more formal the event, the simpler your watch should be.

All in all, accessories for men are not even remotely effeminate. Accessorise and become a ‘snack’ today.


Shoot Credit

Creative director: Jessica Harrison

Photographer: Kenyon Hemans

Model: Sekuo Linton

Location and Accessories: Swiss Stores – 107 Harbour Street, Kingston

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