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Your Climax Co-pilot

Published:Monday | April 29, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Let’s make pulsating beats about the waxed lawn for a moment. The use of sex toys is synonymous with self-pleasure, but who says that the buzzing peak has to stem from egocentric impulses? Also, a lion roaring to a stimulating penile pinnacle is all well and good for a purring ‘pleased puss’, but she might be piqued by a growing monotony. So, what’s missing from both scenarios? The answer is simple: a climax co-pilot.

Before you get hasty, vibrators and bullets et al aren’t your enemies, gentlemen. They can actually be your very best friends. Here are a few benefits of using your climax co-pilot on your girlfriend or wife.

- More interaction: Yes, three’s certainly company with these pleasing tools, but this is company that you both can enjoy. Taunt and tease, with your sex aide, until she is weak at the knees, begging for more.

- Increase communication skills: Exploring the regions of her curves would naturally require communication. But introducing something new is the perfect opportunity to undress and impress by conducting further investigations. Studying her moans and groans and following her every instruction fused with your chiselled exterior and expertise, there’s no greater power. You’re unstoppable.

- Spices the sugar: No one is denying your sweetness, but there’s nothing wrong with adding a little spice to your steamy love life with her favourite sex toy – a guaranteed way to stay in her good books.

- Modern peaks: Technology is advancing, and so are the toys! You don’t have to utilise penetrating toys at all. In fact, you can leave that aspect all up to you, and instead, channel the toy’s focus of creating contrasting but effective forms of euphoria. For example, the toy can provide a licking sensation while you’re busy taking her to pound town and back.

- Bridge the distance gap: Here, the use of technology strikes yet again. If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in a long-distance relationship, sex toys can play a memorable part in bridging the gap. With the use of apps, accompanied by toys, you are now able to be there with her in pure erotica without being there physically.

- Safe back-up: The biggest preconception about sex toys is that they are ultimately replacements. Now this can be either a hit or a miss. However, instead of seeing the glass as half-empty, fill it right up and overflow with the notion that these toys are the safest back-up. Rather than viewing them as a replacement, see them as your trusted deputy, there to serve, protect, and satisfy your woman with you, and can hold down the front when you’re not around.