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One bag a tings with Tami Chynn

Published:Monday | May 6, 2019 | 12:00 AM
‘I like medium-sized bags. I don’t understand those women who walk around with really massive bags. The worst thing in the world is when you cannot find your things.’

Jamaica’s comedic sweetheart, Tami Chynn Mitchell, is known for her iconic blend of dancehall and pop as well as her hilarious social-media timeline, which is filled with outlandish stories and skits about real-life situations. With her third baby on the way, Tami admits that she is not the most neat and organised person in this moment, so we thought now was the perfect time to view the “one bag a tings” inside her bag. “Is this really a thing? Why do people want to know what is inside other people’s bags?” Asked the bemused star. However, true to her easy-going nature, she allowed us to take a peek inside.

“I like medium-sized bags. I don’t understand those women who walk around with really massive bags. The worst thing in the world is when you cannot find your things,” she stated as she showed us her camouflage leather bag which she was carrying on the day. “I think it was a gift from Wayne or somebody. I love camouflage because you can wear it with anything and I just took one of the straps from another bag from the same company and just put it on there. I get a lot compliments for it,” said Tami.

Before entering the bag, she warned us about not knowing the contents within it. “ This is not the pretty version. “I wanted to go home before this and fill my bag with nice pretty things but I had a meeting this morning that ran over,” she explained.

The first item she retrieved was a Sunshine granola snack. “This is not because I am pregnant,” she paused. “I always want a snack. These are great and I love it because granola is always my thing,” Tami continued. The second item was her iPhone which she is confident she would not be able to function without.

Tami’s bag introduced us to the use of Anti-mosquito wipes from Fontana Pharmacy. “Spraying it on just makes me mad but this stuff, you just open it. It is a little towel and you just wipe it all over your body,” she said. Due to her fear of getting more freckles, Tami walks around with powdered sunscreen from Colour Science, which she got from EMED Spa. “I just brush it on.”

Hand lotion is an essential for Tami because she washes her hands very regularly. “When you are a mom, you touch things you don’t want to touch. Like boogers, dodo, vomit, toilets, and toenails,” she said.

“I do not carry a purse,” she said as she pulled out a card wallet which she purchased from Payless. “It holds all your cards, licence, and you can carry cash in it. I don’t carry a purse per se,” she paused dramatically.

“I don’t wear those bluetooth headphones because I do not like the idea of them,” she said as she retrieved a slightly customised coil of earbuds. “I have to keep these with me because everybody is always trying to steal my headphones. So I have to put special tape around it so everyone knows these are mine. That is what happens when you live with boys. It is very annoying.”

She then pulled out a nail file from her favourite nail technician Get Nailed Ja. “It does come in handy,” said a very “punny” Tami who then dug out an icy mint. “You can’t go anywhere without one icy mint to freshen up your breath, you never know when you’ll need it.”

“Oh no. This is bad,” she said which made us a little worried about what she was about to pull out next. “ I just found two seeds,” she said as she began to die with laughter. “These are some Chinese sweety seeds, I don’t like to litter so I placed them inside my bag. I am going to blame the kids.”

For a medium bag, this was turning out to be one big bag a tings as she continued to fish out its contents. “When you are pregnant, you have to walk around with something that says how pregnant you are, what blood type you are, just in case anything happens, I have that with me. I was wondering where it was,” she laughed as she showed us the medical envelop.

With lunch receipts, for her sons’, a nude lipstick, loose change, a random paper clip and lip balm, we thought we were finally done with her bag until she found a small crochet heart keychain. “This has a lovely story behind it. One day I was sitting down at the coffee shop and a lady came by and she just dropped a little box in front of me. I did not know her and she just said to me I wanted to give you a gift. She made this little crochet heart and one that goes around a tea light candle and she said she was giving me a little love and a little light. And she just disappeared. It is still to this day one of my favourite stories and I always just keep a little love in my handbag and the little light stays by my bed.

Finally, with an ugly scrunchy and a little trash, we were out of Tami’s bag. “Do not trust somebody if no rubbish is in their bag. I cannot be the only one.”