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Complete the look with Wheels of Nature Complete the look with Wheels of Nature

Published:Monday | May 27, 2019 | 12:17 AM
Owen Thompson is pleased with the results of Wheels of Nature’s body butter. You will be too.
Owen Thompson is pleased with the results of Wheels of Nature’s body butter. You will be too.

Gentlemen, we live in the tropics, where the sweltering heat often takes control. So, it’s typical to get itchy and sandpaper-like patches on the skin. More commonly identified as dry skin, you’ll agree that these blemishes are unpleasant and make a full grooming session seem pointless. But there are several solutions. You can start with investing in a body butter, and Wheels of Nature is a brand worth looking into.

Made by Renèe Miller, the rich, fluffy and creamy skin nourishment has been touted for its incredible ability to protect the largest organ. Starting out as a blog sharing her product recipes and benefits, she eventually mustered up the courage to provide the items for your benefit.

“Wheels of Nature was born out of my love for DIY skincare and beauty products. After I gave birth to my daughter in 2010, my skin began to act up. This minute I’d be OK and then I would experience frequent eczema and acne flare-ups. The dermatologist wasn’t very cheap, so I decided to do my own research on how to treat myself at home,” she said.

Miller continued: “I’m all about beauty on a budget and so, after years of experimenting on myself and sharing my concoctions with a few friends who appreciated my body butter especially, I decided I to share everything I learnt with whomever was interested,” she explained.


The aim is to achieve a smooth, neat and tidy appearance. And she understands and is ecstatic to steer you in the direction of accomplishing just that. Miller even takes it a step further by offering customised skincare services to those who seek her expertise. It’s a one-on-one consultation where she shares tips on good skincare habits. Of course, your personalised regime will include only natural resources.

Body butter is not just for one concern. There are many uses that you can think of. It’s an ideal choice for maintaining beards, getting rid of razor bumps, as an aftershave moisturiser and for styling the hair as well. And it’s also great for tackling eczema, dry scalp, and acne scars.

The butter is whipped with a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter, coconut oil, olive oil, lemongrass, lavender and tea tree essential oils. It’s this powerful because it does not contain water. But the best thing is that you can determine what goes into your body butter.

“I also do customised body butters for persons who may not want every single ingredient in the standard product. It makes you feel as if you’ve created your own product,” Miller explained.

The skincare guru expressed that in addition to using all-natural ingredients, her items are free of parabens, fillers, sulfates, or silicones. Plus, customer feedback is paramount and helps with perfecting what she offers.

Ladies, there’s no need for you to worry either. Wheels of Nature has these and more skincare goodies that you’ll find useful. Also, brace yourself for new and exciting products from Wheels of Nature.

To get your hands on a jar of the superb body butter, visit Lily’s Beauty Barn in Kingston. It will also be made available islandwide soon. For additional info, contact Miller at 876 368-3795. Or visit @wheelsofnature on Instagram.