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Dreaming, learning and Growing

Published:Monday | May 27, 2019 | 12:17 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
Jazz up your résumé and make yourself employable with Nunes’ résumé workshop.
Jazz up your résumé and make yourself employable with Nunes’ résumé workshop.

Twenty-five years ago, a couple gave birth to a young man who has been doing great things for himself and his peers. Raised in Portmore, Kristofferson Nunes, a past Ardennite, has always dreamt of putting his entrepreneurial spirit to good use while enjoying perks, such as financial freedom.

“I actually started with selling candy, brownies, and snacks to my fellow classmates,” he said.

Nunes then went on to a bigger playground by shadowing people who ran successful event-planning and promotion companies. He was eager to learn what made successful people successful. “What was their daily routine? What took priority,” he recounts.

From launching a premier marketing agency (@UCAjamaica) geared towards bridging the gap between corporate brands and students, to hosting résumé workshops, Nunes has experienced a great deal of the entrepreneurial circle. “My experience as an entrepreneur/marketer has been a ‘Kool-Aid’ mix of different emotions and so much more. The opportunities allowed me to develop professionally and personally as an individual,” he shared.

Growing reputation

The vibrant soul explained that his ventures have opened up both his network and world view, including taking his reputation to other professionals across the island and surrounding Caribbean neighbours. He was also invited to the Google offices in Silicon Valley and did his first TED talk in February 2019.

Like everything in this cycle called life, challenges arise and we have to brace ourselves and weather our individual storms. Nunes’ experience is no different. He explains one of his major challenges. “There are some corporate brands who do not pay invoices on time and that makes it hard to manage cash flow and growth for what I am nurturing.” Another challenge is the skill of managing a team. “Entrepreneurship is also about managing your version of the Avengers. Aligning strengths in an ideal work environment towards a collective mission.” he said. The budding entrepreneur explains that he is currently putting himself in a position to lean on experts and mentors to foster continued learning on delegating and managing a winning team.


From the book of John Donne’s Devotions (1624), “No man is an island; no man stands alone.” Kristofferson Nunes lives this quote by relying heavily on the support of his peers. A few years ago, when he entered and won the Smirnoff marketing internship competition, he recalls that he could not have done it by himself. He needed the skillset and zeal of his peers who were willing to galvanize votes online. Nunes readily gave special mention to Adam Cummings, Adrian Doyley, Raheem Robinson, Sadiki Cole and Ashley Reid.

When asked to name a few people admires he listed people and told Flair why.

“My mentor, Steven Bartlett because he is a CEO worthy of emulation, Vybz Kartel for being a multidimensional professional and Damien King for continuously being unapologetically himself.”

Future business plans

With big dreams on the horizon, Nunes hopes to connect the Caribbean through youth opportunities and regional brands such as an annual youth conference, establishing regional offices to support regional campaigns. He also anticipates his Caribbean résumé tour along with Islandwide and regional workshops and perhaps a the launch of a résumé book guide.

Of course, he could not wrap up this feature without leaving a bit of advice for fellow young adults in pursuit of their divine purpose.

“Doubt and anxiety will happen but what’s important is to have your support system in your corner and be willing to accept help when needed. Don’t let pride allow you to close off those who genuinely want to help you grow.”