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Fashionable Road Rage with King Collection

Published:Tuesday | May 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM

Urban fashion is a type of style born in the street. This is simply the amalgamation of different cultures and lifestyles expressed through pieces such as denim, trendsetting hoodies, track pants, and erratic tees. Urban fashion and hip hop go hand in hand because they share the same beginning. King Collection embodies this sense of style by providing authentic designer outfits through their brand Road Rage.

“King Collection started four years ago, when we decided to create Road Rage Jeans. This was when distressed jeans started becoming popular in Jamaica and we got a lot of support from that,” said owner Kitwana Vassell.

As Road Rage Jeans grew in popularity, the demand for tops became a number-one priority for King Collection. “Our brand grew when we started to incorporate limited edition T-shirts and button-downs that are hard to find,” he continued. Road Rage Jeans are manufactured in Jamaica and its different styles are inspired by the youths of the streets, dancehall music, and hip hop culture. “We started out buying jeans, ripping them and reselling to now making our own jeans. Now we have eight different colours in Road Rage,” said Vassell.

King Collection outfits have been seen in several music videos with local artistes such as Tarrus Riley, Desha Ravers, and Masicka, just to name a few. “We are working with most artistes right now in Kingston, Jamaica,” said Vassell. The number-one goal for the company is to continue expanding the Road Rage brand and building Brand Jamaica.

King Collection is located at 6 Garelli Avenue, Kingston. For more information, call 876-426-5143 or visit @kingcollectionshop on Instagram.