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Jock Itch: Don't Scratch It!

Published:Monday | May 27, 2019 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley - Lifestyle Writer

Jock itch is an infection that's similar to ringworm, but occurs in groin, anus or other moist areas of the body. It's common among male athletes and from tales, that's how it got its name. Still this group is not the only one susceptible to contracting the condition. All males and even females.

It affects persons who either sweat excessively, are overweight, or experience eczema flares.



There's no single cause for the infection. But poor hygiene is a major trigger and one that can be easily corrected. For some males it's the tightly fitted clothes, which irritate the skin that bring on the rashes. And for others it's moisture in the groin area from sweating, leaving on a wet bathing suit for too long, sharing damp towels or sweaty clothing or simply being in close contact with someone who suffers from jock itch.

Other fungal infections are also likely to bring on the ailment. Athletes foot, however, is the most famous that spark the bothersome condition. So, it's always important to treat a break out of athletes foot immediately.

If you are aware of its symptoms, it becomes easy to identify jock itch. A burning sensation accompanied by itching and red, scaly, circular rashes with raised edges are indications that help you to spot it. In some causes the skin will crack, flake, or peel as well.




Leaving the rashes untreated puts a strain on your health, leaving you in discomfort for months because it doesn't go away on its own. However, getting rid of it is more simple than you might have thought. First it needs to be diagnosed. Then all that's medically required for your recovery is anti fungal medicines. These over-the counter drugs could be in the form of creams, powders or sprays. But if it doesn't clear in a couple of weeks this means you'll need stronger pharmaceuticals.

Nonetheless the treatment regime does not end there. Keeping the area clean and dry should also be a priority as you work towards correcting jock itch. Therefore showering in order to wash the area daily is recommended. But ensure to dry using a clean towel, which should not be used on the rest of your body.


Like many other infections, jock itch can be prevented. It starts with good hygiene practices, like bathing daily, especially after a workout session or playing sports. Remember to keep the groin area dry too.

Wearing clean clothing, chiefly underwear is also crucial. And of course, loosen up bit. Avoid tight-fitting garments.