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Put a Ring on it

Published:Monday | May 27, 2019 | 12:16 AM

Because of Queen Bey, lines like, “If you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it” have become the refrain for ‘Single Ladies’ everywhere. Now, fellas can echo this ringing sentiment, in the bedroom.

Here’s an ideal way to separate the innocent amateurs from the sex pros. Let’s get educated about the penis ring.

What is a penis ring?

A penis ring or c-ring is essentially a male enhancement sex toy which is designed to heighten the erotic experience. It is typically used to intensify and prolong sexual pleasure and boost libido and confidence. But it also has health benefits. Instead of travelling the pill route, the penis ring could be the solution, since its function is to concentrate the needed blood flow to the aroused location for a longer erection. Sounds painful, right? According to Nakeeta Archibald of Fetish Secretz, some of them are. There are those that are packaged as ‘one size fits all’ and can prove to be uncomfortable for the man. There are others, however, that are custom-designed to adjust to any penile size. She shared that both sexes come to purchase the rings but you mostly see males walking through the doors for them. “Most persons who come in and ask about a c-ring, they will ask ‘what is it good for?’ ‘what is it used for’, ‘who enjoys it more’?”

Flair was introduced to a variety of penis rings. From the standard c-ring to the adjustable rings, stretchy rings and the vibrating rings. “The non-vibrating ones, the standard and adjustable rings, some stretchy rings, are mainly for the male. It just holds the blood one place, so he stays longer and has an erection for quite some time. We see quite a few men coming to buy that one,” Archibald shares.

Of course, there are men whose sexual triggers lie within the excitement of his female partner, so other rings are employed as a foreplay teaser and pleaser to get the women actively involved. “The vibrating ones, and other stretchy rings, please both partners. So couples invest in these types,” she said. The smaller ones are more compact, providing solely vibration to excite the woman. While the bigger ones boast a heavier vibration, as well as clitoris-stimulating features of varying textures to add more stimulation.

So if this please and play toyland ecstasy tickles your every fantasy, then don’t hesitate to put a ring on it.

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