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High heels in the workplace

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:13 AM

There’s nothing like a good pair of heels to make you look and feel sexy. In the words of Winona Ryder, American actress and film producer, “What you wear – and it always start with your shoes – determines what kind of character you are. A woman who wears high heels carries herself very different from a girl who wears sneakers or sandals.”

Many have agreed with her line of reasoning, including employers. Maybe you’ll remember the era where women were required to wear high heels to work to boost their level of sophistication. Yes, most persons have moved past to choose their footwear. But the ugly truth is that some organisations haven’t. Now it’s a preference that often leaves women with no other choice than to carry out their duties in shoes that are sorely uncomfortable. And although it’s not on a large scale, you have to remember that heels can be burdensome, especially with jobs that compel women to stand and move around all day.

Speaking with Flair recently, podiatrist Eva Reid cautioned against wearing high heels for too long, noting that it can cause a number of health issues. Often, she stresses, these are irreversible and are likely to become more pronounced as you age.

“It’s more practical to wear comfortable shoes. The recommended heel size is two and a half to three inches. Wedges are better and safer because they make you more balanced. High heels, on the other hand, doesn’t make you unbalanced as it shifts your centre of gravity and forces you to walk slower,” Reid explained.

The constant wearing of high heels, and especially tight pairs, is famous for bringing on cosmetic problems such as bunions, hammer toes, and ingrown toenails. Still, that’s not all the damage that can be done. As the expert expressed, your ankles are inevitably bent forward, your muscles are strained in the calf, and it’s likely that you’ll experience pain in areas such as the ankle, knee, back, and neck.

She stresses that women should not wear high heels for long periods. And you simply can’t wear them every day. Depending on your field, primarily those in corporate, an occasion may call for women to wear high heels they make you taller, more attractive and even boost your ego.


“Ensure that those you are wearing fit comfortably, too. If they are tight, that will cause a problem, and if they are loose, you’ll have other concerns, such as blisters on your feet,” Reid said.

And for those who have to wear high heels, slipping into something more comfortable while on the job is a great idea.

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