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The Nakian Side of Beauty

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:11 AM
Herbal Green Tea Scrub not only feels good but it is good for you.
Herbal Green Tea Scrub not only feels good but it is good for you.

Is beauty skin deep? That’s often the question on the minds of many once that topic comes into focus. The truth is, beauty knows no bounds. But Flair has decided to get to the root of it. Unlocking the future by tapping into the earthy origins of skin and haircare is Nakian Beauty Store.

Nakian Beauty began its journey in November of 2018, developing out of a passion of the chief executive officer, 21-year-old Courtney-Ann Wallace. The aim was to help persons with skincare and personal hygiene. Beaming with pride, Wallace explained that when she was attending the Caribbean Maritime University, studying logistics, she sold facial and hygienic products as a side hustle. Upon realising that persons were in fact interested, she was elated not just by her repeat customers, but by their remarkable results. This encouraged the young entrepreneur to take her part-time operation to a full-fledged enterprise.

Her mother, who has been making soaps for two years, was Wallace’s supplier during her tertiary years of education. Upon graduation, it was her desire to carry on that tradition, but reassemble the idea to include other products which encompass all aspects of beauty, not just skincare. “I wanted to create a beauty supply store in an organic manner,” she added.

Product line

Among her organic product portfolio are facial soaps, facial scrubs, (can be used on the body as well) facial serums and masks, feminine care products – the herbal feminine wash, and skincare tools, which, she says, can aid in the skincare routine to make it easier and more sterile than the hands (the hands can carry more germs and irritate the skin further). Relating to haircare, she has hair, skin and nail gummies, supplements that assist with healthy hair and growth. Hair accessories are also in the mix – she provides hair bonnets, both fashionable and ideal for the hair, as well as African headwraps. “African prints are slowly but surely coming back in trend. So, given the Afrocentric vibe exuding from the business, I figured I had to carry something that has that African culture which we came from.”

Speaking of Mama Africa, when Wallace was trying to find a name for her business, she found it difficult to match the meaning she was trying to convey. Recognising that her own middle name, Nakia, is African for ‘unconquered’, the message she was trying to bring across with this business is that beauty does not have to be defined by society’s standards, but instead is a birthright in it purest form and should be owned accordingly. “Being who you want to be is important. Everyone has a different version of beauty, so the aim of my business isn’t to just aid people with skincare and hygienic products, but to restore confidence and self-fulfillment.”

Now that natural skincare is the new craze sweeping our nation, and of course, she is happy for the awareness, but Wallace has discovered that there are a few stores on multiple online platforms promoting quick fixes to skincare. This presents challenges among potential customers who expect similar services, “You do have persons who are selling because it is currently in style and not necessarily because it is something they want to pursue. Customers come with a pre-existing mindset and I have to be changing how they think (about) natural skincare, providing the ideal solutions.” She continued, “I’m trying to change the game, in terms of educating the public. Having them know that not because something is natural means that it is going to cure a particular issue. And it isn’t fast-working. I’m trying to help them realise that anything that fixes the skin problem in two or three days may have adverse effects. Compete with that – impossible.” Funding also poses an obstacle but she pushes forward in faith and is already making strides among skincare newbies and veterans.

Her store is based online and she hopes to progress to a store-front establishment. And she is trying to expand the products to create a product line just for men. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who want to create their own product is to do your research, “It’s easy to get up and want to create something but then you want to do with something that works and that is effective. It’s one thing to sell an item and it’s another thing to have a loyal and returning customer who experiences good results.”

For more information on how you can rejuvenate with the Nakian side of beauty, you can check out Nakian Beauty Store on Facebook and Instagram: shop_nakianbeauty or email: