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Naturally and beautifully laced

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:10 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer
Want to shake things up without touching your hair? Kaci Fennell did it and loved it.
Want to shake things up without touching your hair? Kaci Fennell did it and loved it.

Years ago, persons definitely didn’t buy into the ‘wig movement’. Perhaps the reason for this is because of how they looked. Some didn’t quite complement the faces of the women who dared to indulge.

Naturally Laced is the name of the Jamaican beauty brand currently dominating the wig game. The team consists of assistant Chelsea Williams, hairstylist and co-owner Judi-Ann Brown, and of course lead hairstylist and owner, Tricia Taitt.

“People have always admired my hair, and when I tell them that I am the one who did it, they are usually shocked,” said Taitt. “I was in a situation and when I sat with Judi-Ann trying to decide what to do, we decided that hair would be the best decision as we both were good at the craft.”

Besides having to find a means to an end, Taitt wanted to give the everyday woman an option to change her daily routine. Thankfully, when Naturally Laced was launched, Taitt already had the clientele because she spent the last seven years in the beauty industry as a make-up artist.


Surety comes in different packages for the individual en route to their life’s ultimate destination, and challenges just happen to be one of them. Taitt, however, has not allowed them to deter her ventures. In fact, they motivate and force her to burn the midnight oil which, in turn, benefits her brand.

“My biggest challenge, so far, is probably learning how to uniquely provide a style for every woman regardless of her preference, hair texture, and skin tone when it comes to blending. The process is getting easier but it requires consistent practice.”


There are several different types of lace, and they come as both a closure which covers a small section of the hairline, and a frontal, which covers the hairline from ear to ear. Naturally Laced carries two, the transparent Swiss lace which is more affordable but takes a bit more effort when blending, and the HD invisible lace which can almost never be spotted as it is naturally thin and blends into your skin tone with little to no effort. Now that you’ve got the best hairstylist with the best-quality wigs, the onus is on you to maintain the style.

“Don’t just sleep, tie your hair at night to keep it as flat as possible, and use products such as holding spray and light oils to keep the style looking fresh every day.”

To step into a new you, contact Naturally Laced at 876-837-7681 or follow them on Instagram @naturallylaced and @makeuptrisht.