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From Toys to Boys: The Seduction of ‘Self Service’

Published:Monday | June 10, 2019 | 12:10 AM

Buzzing away in lustful leisure, her raunchy touch exposes explicit bouts of exclusive pleasure. Uninhibited, this racy symphony paces in lush orchestration, exciting with bated breaths before sparking a thrilling crescendo, detonating an explosive firework in its wake. This carnal act, stimulated by natural desire, showcases her prowess as a solo performer. And it ‘bares’ the name ‘self-service’.

The peaking place of sensual self-service resonated deeply with 28-year-old Tiffany Carter*. A total of 12 times daily. That amounted to the occasions on which she would engage in the activity of self-pleasure. The virgin, at the time, on the verge of discovering her erotic truths, made opportunity of the free summer schedule ahead of her, and turned to personal frolics in the bedroom as a means of occupying her unsupervised days.

She began growing weary of her hands-on approach and confessed that she sought sexual solace in the highest vibration from a newly purchased back massage she stole from her parents. A vibrating phone later, she graduated to the refreshing employment of a pink bullet. Her battery operated boyfriend (BOB) would serve her favourably for its initial duration. Until she was introduced to the likes of male company.

Toy to Boy

“When I started a relationship with a new guy in college, he didn’t want me to touch myself or want me to use any device on myself for play. He wanted to solely be in control of my orgasms,” she explained. Carter, who thought this request strange, found a way to break that new rule, whetting her sexual appetite with her vibrator behind his back. She maintains that she lowered the frequency of her bullet usage to facilitate the many action sequences between her and her lover.

Adamant about sex toys, Carter was shocked when her beau created a makeshift vibrator from a shear. “He removed the blade and turned it up so that it could be faster – he was handy like that. He plugged it into the wall, brought the bed closer to the socket and told me not to move.” The innovative ‘toy’ produced multiple orgasms for the young ‘sexualite’, proving to be a truly mind-blowing experience. She declared that it also taught her from early how to exert sensual self-control, since she remained still throughout the process. They eventually welcomed an official toy into their ‘play room’: a vibrating egg.

Since that break-up, Carter has kept both toys and boys separate.

Benefits of Self-Service

These days, she operates on a need-to-please basis. Her trusty BOB is always handy for easing headaches, anxiety, an increase to the libido, and in some cases, passing the time if boredom arises. “It is a great prequel to a first date, too. If I knock one round out before I go out, I’m able to focus on getting to know the person, rather than being clouded by naughty desires.”

Self-serving, Carter expressed, plays an important role in the world of intimacy because it assists greatly in identifying what a person likes and what takes them to cloud nine, and beyond. “Who knows what you like better than you? If you learn what you like and know what gets you ‘going and coming’, then you can teach someone else how to get you to that idyllic place. It additionally speeds up the level of intimacy, since knowing the basics of a person’s likes is the foundation of exploration.”

*Name changed upon request