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If you need a man for the job, call a woman

Published:Monday | July 15, 2019 | 12:15 AM

For many years Jamaica has led amongst nations with the most female managers according to the Women in Business and Management Survey. It is no surprise that Appliance Traders Limited (ATL), a 50-year-oldJamaican retail solutions company, has managed to employ three women in the organisation’s most senior roles. Maya Johnston, Joy Clarke and Nadani Chung all have one thing in common, they are amongst the best in their field with a track record to prove it.

Maya Johnston - The Transformational Leader

In describing her leadership style, Johnston, ATL’s Commercial Director calls herself a ‘change maker’. With a vision in mind and a capable team with sight of the end goal, she is ready to transform organisations through creative and strategic planning. “I like to have a vision for what we can become as a company. I have always gravitated towards a position where there is the opportunity to make some changes and work with a team who can buy into that vision. Change can be daunting, but I like to inspire people towards change,” said Johnston.

Johnston, who has over 15 years’ experience in retail, channel management, customer experience and profitability management, served previously as the Regional Vice President of Retail Support at Scotiabank in Jamaica and Canada.

Encouraging women to find a meaningful balance between work and personal life, Johnston affirms that women ought to pursue personal interests that ignite their passions. “I think it’s great to indulge in your personal interests. I spend a lot of time executing my personal passions outside of being a career woman, a mother of two small children and a wife. I love home improvement and decorating and I’ve spent a lot of time working on home décor projects and keeping myself up to date with the latest trends,” said a beaming Johnston.

Joy Clark - The Charismatic Leader

Clark, ATL’s new Head of Sales is an expert within her field with three decades of experience. She has worked at Jamaica’s foremost corporate entities such as Cable and Wireless, Digicel, Desnoes& Geddes and Jamaica Mutual Life Insurance company where she earned her place among the 5% of Insurance Brokers worldwide to be offered lifetime membership at the Million Dollar Round Table.

An exuberant woman with a passion for new knowledge, she indicates her secret weapon is her ability to interact with people across diverse industries, “It is important that we build and expand our capacities. One commonality among all the industries I have worked, is that success in sales comes from serving customers extraordinarily and becoming their trusted advisor,” said Clark.

Her encouragement to her team goes beyond exceeding daily sales target but also regarding their personal growth. One such thing she values, is sharing her sales knowledge which she has acquired over the years. “Teaching is an important part of leadership. At the end of the day my duty is to my team and by extension the organization. Many of our staff here are young people who may have some doubt about themselves and so they require affirmation and encouragement which I am always ready to give.”

Nadani Chung - The Inclusive Leader

Chung, ATL’s fierce Financial Director has been with the Group for over two decades with her genesis starting at Sandals Ocho Rios and moving across seven group properties throughout the Caribbean.

At the very core, Chung is a Teacher and values the impartation of knowledge to persons whom she manages. With much conviction, she shared her love for mentorship. “In my professional journey watching my team members elevate themselves, is the most satisfying feeling as a Manager. When I see them progressing beyond the person I met initially, it motivates me to continue pouring into them in the same way someone was there for me.” This passion for teaching soon escaped the walls of ATL as she recently began lecturing the Financial Planning and Analysis (FP+A) course at the B&B University College.

Reiterating her zeal for helping others recognise their true potential, she encourages persons to never stay in a place of stagnation even if it means leaving the familiar behind, “Sometimes we have to push ourselves beyond perceived limits to discover what we are truly capable of. We owe ourselves the chance to level up and become our most optimum versions”.

Her go to advice for the modern career woman is to never place work above the family. “Family for me is number one - we should all strive to do our best within our work hours by being efficient and learning proper time management. Work is always going to be there but when you go home at the end of the day try to give your best self to your family too,” said the mother of three.

The Dynamic Trio

These three dynamic women are truly the essence of what the modern woman represents.

Understanding that being a woman at the helm also means representing something larger than yourself, they have not failed to acknowledge that they are inevitable role models. As they continue to strive in their individual capacities, all women should be reminded that they too can attain the heights of success.