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Kelly's World | Even a dormant volcano can erupt

Published:Monday | July 15, 2019 | 12:00 AM

“It is the nature of physics to hear the loudest of mouths over the most comprehensive ones.” – Criss Jami from his book Killosophy

Many things annoy me, and to be totally fair, the list is waaay too high.

While I have been able (I think) to whittle the number of things down to a manageable level, there is still much work to be done.

The thing is, I prefer to be a silent sufferer. Some people go off like a busted faucet as soon as something goes wrong.

In my opinion, I’m not that quick on the draw. Usually, I turn into a mini Mount Vesuvius if there is a progression of things going downhill.

Also, if it’s only one particular issue, but one that has happened repeatedly over time, it will take me a while to get going.

But when I do erupt, hide the women and children, call out the Red Cross, and open the disaster shelters.

But the majority of the time, I keep my thoughts to myself. There are two initial reasons for this and they are the same reasons I give when persons ask “How are you?”

I say I can’t complain because a) the people who can help don’t listen, and b) the people who can’t help do listen.

So, quite frankly, I always think the best option is to grit my teeth and move along with life.

There’s a third, and perhaps even greater reason why I don’t like to complain aloud; somehow I’m always accused of shouting.

Now, mind you, I believe that there are times when you simply have to get ‘dark’ and ‘ignorant’ to get your point across.

I know the folks over at Peace and Love In Society and the Peace Management Initiative will disagree.


They are entitled to their opinions. But we all have seen at some point where the people who make the most noise or who are particularly belligerent come out on top.

Ever been in the bank line and realise that somehow the biggest complainer gets taken to a side office and end up having their transaction done faster? Uh-huh.

Or how about the people who simply muscle their way to the front of the collecting line in the patty shop? Yep.

Well, that’s not my style. I’ll generally wait my turn, partially because most of the time, I would have factored in a long wait.

And that’s why it annoys me that somehow, whenever I do get ‘vocal’, I’m treated like I punched a child and took away their candy.

I find it highly unfair that if certain persons say ‘X’ about a situation, they are considered assertive.

However, if other persons, like me, make similar or the exact comments about said situation, they’re considered noisy neighbours ‘who need to chill out’.

Donkey, if dis world gets any more uneven, people a go start drop off!

So I’ll stick to my occasional eruptions but otherwise, like all Jamaican volcanoes, I’ll remain dormant.

Like volcanoes and other disasters, I can’t tek di cleaning up afterwards, bredda. Too much work!

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