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Shoe repairs on the go

Published:Monday | July 22, 2019 | 12:24 AMNatovia Shand - Lifestyle Intern

Imagine rushing out of the house to catch a cab just in time to make it for your big meeting at work, only for your balance to be thrown off on pebbled sidewalk. Your most beloved high-heel shoe breaks on immediate impact. So if you’re not into that ‘hip hop’ one-two step, or you notice your sole lagging behind, here are five innovative tips to repair your shoes on the go.

Always check and properly inspect your shoes before leaving the house. Ensure that you check your commonly worn shoes so as to avoid disasters.

Pack a simple DIY shoe repair kit. This can include your desired travel-sized super glue or a trusty popsicle craft stick, clear (or a colour to match shoe) nail polish and replacement heel tips (optional).

From the kit, use the clear nail polish to prevent scuff spots on your favourite leather boot or shoe. Nail polish is so handy because the nail lacquer dries quickly and hardens. This acts as a temporary barrier for any scratches made to your boots, especially in the areas of the toecap or heel cap. By using the exact shade to match worn shoes, you can easily fix the scuffed spots right away. The nail polish may not remove spots completely, but it will make scratches less visible.

Quick fixes

Mend your worn heel tips instantly by using replaceable heel caps or tips. They can be found at your local shoe-repair shop, wholesale shops or online. Purchase and store these replaceables which enable you to easily add a pair to your purse for sudden disasters. They are convenient and will definitely help cut costs and time normally spent at your shoe-repair shop.

The classic super glue method can be used to repair your broken heel or reattach a shoe sole. Pulling the area apart and wiping away dust, use your glue to apply a thin line to the area, then take a craft stick to spread evenly. Leave the glue to get tacky for about five to seven minutes and then seal down tightly.