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A wax story

Published:Monday | July 22, 2019 | 12:25 AMJessica Harrison - Lifestyle Writer

Ahh, yes. The story of the almighty bush. As women, especially when we aren’t in long-term committed relationships, we are concerned about the growth of our pubic hair and, other times depending on the mood we’re in, quite frankly, we just don’t care. About a year ago, I waltzed into a new-found sense of liberation when it comes to talking about my lady box. Because of this, I learnt that most, if not all, women have the same struggles and consternations.

At the start of 2019, I vowed never again to remove my pubic hairs using a razor after an ordeal with those annoying and unsightly razor bumps. Luckily for me, I’ve never encountered a sexual partner who was squeamish about my very lush garden.

As my 25th birthday rolled around in early July, I decided to get the dreaded Brazilian wax. Having heard stories of the discomfort and unprofessionalism of waxers, I was nervous but I set the appointment anyway. People tend to think that because you sport several piercings and tattoos, like myself, you get kicks from pain. Well, news flash: I’m a wuss.

Surprisingly, I was comfortable the moment I arrived at @wax_art_studio. The room was clean, airy and well-lit, and my waxer was quite the model professional. She turned her back so as to not make me uncomfortable but kept the conversation going as I removed my jeans and lay on the waxing bed.

Let’s wax

As she applied the warm wax to my body, I thought to myself, “This really isn’t that bad,” and just as I was about to continue the self-motivating dialogue in my head, she zealously ripped the fabric from my skin, exposing a surface as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I shrieked in terror and she calmed my fears. Even though the remaining 15 minutes seemed to drag on for hours, it got much more bearable with each rip. When the waxer was through, she applied baby oil to the then sensitive areas, which also removed the stickiness from the wax and sent me on my merry pre-pubescent way.

Man, was I smooth! For days I could not keep myself from marvelling at the bare pelvic area.

Two weeks later, and the area is still pretty smooth and the hairs are growing back soft and sparse. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a firm believer in waxing. Say bye-bye to extended showers which lead to bumps and backaches, and hello to extended baby-smooth skin. Here are some useful aftercare tips my waxer left with me that you can also use, should you decide to board the wax train.

n No sex for 24 hours: After a wax, the hair follicles are still open and need time to close up. If you do have sex, you run the risk of bacterial infections.

n Wear loose clothing: Tight clothes cause friction and can irritate the freshly sensitive area.

n Moisturise: After a shower, moisturise the area with baby oil or PFB Vanish to minimise the possibility of ingrown hairs.

n Don’t shave: Do not shave in-between waxes as it will cause the hair to grow back coarser and the area will get darker.

n Whatever you do, don’t stop: Keep your wax appointment. The hair grows back thinner, every wax gets less painful and takes a longer time to grow back.