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Futuristic Rogue Creations

Published:Monday | July 29, 2019 | 12:23 AM

Latara Boodie

Gleaner Writer

Pulse royalty Jeneil Williams made her sophomore appearance as a designer on the CFW runway with her highly acclaimed swimwear collection “Rouge Creation”. Flair Magazine was able to tie down the busy creative to find out more about her latest designs and why she decided to transition from the runway to being a part of the action behind the scenes.

Flair (F):Why did you decide to choose fashion designing as a career?

Jeneil (J) It [Fashion designing] came very naturally to me. It was easy to transition from being a model to creating my own brand of swimwear. I have lots of experience in fashion and modelling so over the years I have developed a sense of the cuts, colours and styles of swimsuits that like. I decided it was time to put my abilities and sense of style to the test and share this with the world. I am grateful to Pulse/ Caribbean Fashionweek for giving the chance to show my collection two years ago and this year… the response has been great so far.

F: What is your favourite part of being a fashion designer?

J: I like to see my sketch come to life. I enjoy the whole process from pen to paper, to choosing the fabric, the colour combinations, seeing the suits on the production line then to the model on a photo shoot or onto the runway and finally into the hands and on to the body of a happy client.

F: What skills are necessary to be a successful fashion designer?

J: First you have a vision to get things out there… you have to have a drive to get things done. I think you need to have eye for colour and putting the right combinations together.

I am more intuitive as I didn’t go fashion school and take courses in design but I have a strong sense of what can look great on a body and this is one of my skills as designer. I like that I have this instinctive sense of honing my creativity which I am able to share by pulling a team of people together to produce the garment. You have to know what works and what doesn’t decide on the best course for your collection, have a strong narrative and know how to edit the looks for the best impact.

F: Tell me about Rogue Creation? How did it get started and what is the inspiration behind the design.

J: I was inspired by Stars Wars’ Rogue One. I think of Rogue Creation is like colony of swimsuits where everyone can find one that suits them. The collection is for all. I think of Jamaica too when I am creating for Rogue Creation …Out of Many one people! The looks are genuinely what I love from my gut.. I want to my brand to be one from which anyone can choose a suit. It’s Rogue Creation “For All.” I needed to find something for me with the type of body I have.. I have a very athletic body and I am tom boy so sometimes I want to dress boyish but sometimes I want to be sexy and I want to be able to have those options so I set about creating them for myself... Then I asked friends and they were having similar challenges. I thought I could create swimsuits that can solve their issues so and also give people a variety which allows them to be modest, have great cover ups, be elegant, be boyish and all of these suits are affordable!

Rogue Creation is available online and is expectted to have a series of August pop up shops both in Jamaica and New York for the summer.