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Bunning It Right

Published:Tuesday | March 24, 2015 | 12:42 PMJason Clarke
Wine with Easter bun and cheese.

It's that time of year again when the shelves become lined with bun, and specials are offered on the good old Tastee cheese.

Bun itself typically tends to be sweet and good. Bun is loaded with rich fruits, not to mention moist to the taste. Bun really isn't my speciality to be honest and so I decided to craft a 'sweet' experiment all centred around the traditional bun and cheese, paired with the appropriate wines of course.

A good bun (not to play on words) will have some mixture of nutmeg, cinnamon, prunes and raisins, and Dragon stout, in addition to all the other ingredients. The flavour of bun is distinct and unusual, and might be partnered with wine, especially if it's sweeter. I have given it some thought, and a few experiments, and came up with a few wine with bun and cheese options.

wine-pairing rule

The general guiding wine-pairing rule is that sweet likes sweet, so what better way to experience that firsthand than by trying Frontera Moscato with your first slice of bun with cheese. This pairing works incredibly well and all the elements truly complement each other. My trusty band of wine enthusiasts was all 'oohs and ahhs' from the satisfaction on their palette. The fruity nose of the moscato made it, in my opinion, an instant winner.

No experiment could be complete without adding some diversity. The Riunite White Labrusco is certainly very

different. A little fizz on the tongue and the gorgeous pink-like colour certainly makes for a ladies drink. With a light fruity nose, it adds to overall experience of the bun, with the cheese balancing out everything nicely.

Sweet reds offer the right oomph for those like me who naturally prefer red wines and don't particularly want it as sweet as a Moscato. The Riunite Lambrusco was simply superb. Again, it had a nice level of sugars to complement the bun, but not too overbearing and sweet.

Do something different this Easter season and try a wine with your bun and cheese. Experiment on your own and discover the right wine pairing hidden deep within you. Some things you may like, some things you may absolutely abhor, but wine is a lifestyle journey, so enjoy it.