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Market List

Published:Tuesday | March 24, 2015 | 1:53 PM

Goat flesh

Goat flesh will be easy to come by at this time in meat shops and delicatessen establishments.

If you are shopping for meat in any meat shop or butcher stall the asking price per pound will be $280. However, if you happen to be shopping at a supermarket or delicatessen establishment you will be required to pay $480 per pound.

Irish potatoes

Tuber Irish potatoes is on fairly good offer these days in most retail markets across the island.

Most rural retail markets like May Pen and Spanish Town will be asking for $70 per pound for Irish potatoes. This also holds true for Montego Bay's Charles Gordon Market.

Cheaper outlets downtown Kingston will ask for $50 per pound.

Negro yam

Negro yam is also on good offer at this time in rural retail markets with an asking price of $50 per pound.

Less costly outlets downtown Kingston will go as low as $30 per pound.


Eggs are currently on good offer in groceries and retail markets alike.

If you are shopping in retail markets, you will be asked to pay between $300 and $350 per dozen. While in groceries or supermarkets, you will be asked to pay a bit more with prices ranging between $380 and $400 per dozen.

Fresh fish

Fresh fish might cost you a pretty penny at this time in retail markets across the island.

The cheaper variety known as trash fish, which include sprats, snit and doctor fish, will be offered at $200 per pound. Popular varieties, which include parrot and grunt, will cost $350 per pound. While, the choice variety, which include jack, king and butter fish, will cost you anything between $450 and $480 per pound.


Pumpkin is on fair offer at this time in retail markets across the island with an asking price ranging between $40 and $50 per pound.


Vegetable callaloo is on very good offer in rural retail markets across the island.

The asking price per bundle in rural retail markets is $50. Cheaper priced outlets downtown Kingston can ask for as little as $30 per bundle of callaloo.