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Spice Palates for Portland Jerk Fest

Published:Monday | June 1, 2015 | 5:43 PMKrysta Anderson
Gowayne Morgan heats things up as he prepares his flavourful jerked chicken.
Succulent Jerk chicken from Jojo's
Chef Lorraine Fong captured in a live cooking demonstration of the juicy grilled pork, served on a stick.
Jojo’s macaroni and cheese excited palates at the launch.
Delicious jerked beef tenderloin, served with a signature sauce from Jojo’s, danced on the taste buds of specially invited guests.
Coconut curry stew was a delicious option for vegetarians.

Portland Jerk Fest is finally back and is promising to be the best ever after a year's hiatus!

Sponsors, media personnel and food aficionados, did not let the inclement weather prevent them from attending the festival's official launch held at Jojo's Jerk Pit and More last week Tuesday night.

The meet and greet segment of the evening got under way in the chill of the night, among desired cocktails and drinks, as the aroma of delicious fare weaved its way through the air. This was followed by the formalities, where organisers of the event, the mayor of Portland, and feature sponsors, Best Dressed Chicken, JCDC, Jamaica Tourist Board, among others, graced the stage to offer words of encouragement and reveal some of the wonderful things in store this year.

While the festival will stay true to form in providing authentic Jamaican dishes to patrons, as a twist, the festival will be introducing an international flair to the menu. Chef Judson Todd Allen, who does the diet for famous author, comedian, and talk show host Steve Harvey, will be at the festival to enhance its gourmet experience.


The palatable pleasing event gave patrons a taste of what was to come as caterer and restaurateur Anna Chin of Jojo's Jerk Pit and More shared just what traditional jerk had to offer and more with scrumptious jerk boneless chicken, jerked lamb, jerked beef tenderloin, coconut curry stew, and jerked shrimp, all served with a side of macaroni and cheese, garlic bread and festival. While Lorraine Fung delivered a delicious jerk menu infused with Chinese influence grilled pork, sweet and spicy chicken, served with sweet potato casserole and vegetarian lasagna roll.

So mark the date on your calendars: the Sunday Funday known as Portland Jerk Festival will take place at Folly Oval in the parish on July 5.