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Island Grill adds Jerk Pork to Menu

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2015 | 11:44 AM
A piece of tender jerked pork with the guava barbecue sauce is oh so delicious.
The large ‘Jus Nuff’ from Island Grill – Spicy Jerked Pork combo served with three festivals and guava barbecue sauce in a biodegradable box.

May I have the jerked pork, please?

Real authentic spicy Jamaican jerked pork has finally made it on to the menu at Island Grill.

The fast-food chain began the roll-out at select locations on Sunday, July 12, and will be available in all Island Grill locations by August 9. The spicy jerked pork will be offered in two meals and a wrap. Regular 'Jus Nuff' is 50 per cent bigger than a regular quarter-pound serving, and comes with a guava barbecue sauce and two festivals for $780. The large 'Jus Nuff' is a larger serving of pork with three festivals costing $1,300. The 'Jerk Pork Rolla' wrap includes rice or diners can opt for the 'slimmaz' style where the rice is replaced by extra veggies. All styles feature Walkerswood Guava Barbecue Sauce and jerk seasoning.

Island Grill CEO Thalia Lyn told Food that the value of the meal cannot be beaten because of intensive research conducted. "You can't get this much jerked pork for a better price, anywhere. And, of course, this quality pork, that's why we say its BIGGA, and BETTA", Lyn expressed.

She notes that the new addition came about as a result of numerous requests from customers. "People have really been asking for pork - I mean it is our most requested item at every store - and even now as we roll out in the first stores, customers at the other locations are impatient," noted Lyn.

She emphasised that the new venture would not be possible without Copperwood Pork. "Copperwood Pork is raised at the highest standard in Jamaica, from superior stock, with quality feed, clean facilities and state-of-the-art processing," Lyn shared.

Copperwood's Brand Manager Tina Hamilton identifies this consistent quality as the key to the company's relationship with Island Grill: "We have worked so hard to bring a superior consistent product to the table, and we are very excited to partner with such an authentic Jamaican company on what is probably Jamaican's favourite dish - jerked pork," Hamilton noted.

Lyn shared that, "Everything from preparation, storage, utensils and cooking is done separately from our chicken. To get these processes right, we also decided to launch the pork at a few restaurants at a time, making sure that each team gets it right before we move on."

She noted that, although the addition is early, the response has been positive. "We think this is going to be a great mover for us - the responses on our social media pages have been exceptional and we've received great feedback from our first customers."