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Easy Does It with Hazel’s Blended Seasoning

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2015 | 11:35 AMKrysta Anderson
Donnett Mitchell engages in an interview about her new product, Hazel's Blended Seasoning.
Donnett Mitchell proudly poses with her culinary creation, Hazel's Blended Seasoning.

There is nothing sweeter than the savoury indulgence of a freshly prepared home-cooked meal. But after dealing with the stress of a hectic day at work, it is difficult to retire home and approach the kitchen with open arms. Well, say goodbye to lingering seasoning scents on your hands and surfaces, and say hello to Donnett Mitchell's Hazel's Blended Seasoning.

Mitchell is no stranger to the kitchen. As a matter fact, she spent most of her life making that room her home alongside her loving mother. "For as long as I can remember, my mother has been making seasoning like this, even providing jars of it for her friends, so I have decided to carry on the family tradition, preparing our secret blended seasoning on my own," she told Food.

While she loves food and enjoys cooking, experimenting with different ingredients and all, she too admits she wanted to spend less time in the kitchen, and discovered that Hazel's Blended Seasoning allowed her to do just that. "This blended seasoning is a quick and easy way to cut your meal-prep time in half, and is mainly for the working class professional or busy moms and dads who need to maximise time spent with their children."

Mitchell remarked, "Since I've always wanted to start a business, why not do so with something that I know and love?" Her desire led to the decision to share her learned technique of building flavourful blended seasoning from scratch with the masses, and it was there that Hazel's Blended Seasoning was born. And in true tradition, what better way to celebrate the occasion than by honouring the root of it all - naming it after her mother Hazel, "She started the trend, so I dedicated this product to her."

Mitchell explained that the ingredients are all natural, ranging from scallion, onion, garlic, sweet green pepper, thyme, pimento, lime juice and water, "It tastes great! It's very convenient and is a healthy alternative to those powdered seasonings with added preservatives," she stressed.

Last December, she handed out some samples to friends and received some great feedback. "From there, I began selling it in March of this year," she told Food. A few of the obstacles encountered thus far include fluctuation in the prices of her raw material, and the product's current eight-week shelf life.

There is a lot more work to be done and Mitchell is currently working with the Scientific Research Council to increase the product's shelf life. "I just love that it makes cooking easy, and I hope others will love it too," an optimistic Mitchell notes.

Farmers' market

So far, she has had the opportunity to experience the University of the West Indies Farmers' Market twice, and based on the great response, she plans to participate in the market which takes place the last Friday of every month, so look out for her.

With high hopes of branching out and having her seasoning on every shelf in Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world, she encourages young entrepreneurs to start acting on their idea and make their dream a reality. "No matter what your idea is, just start it, you never know what might happen. Stop procrastinating and just do it."

Still not convinced? Here are a few testimonials:

"Hazel's Blended Seasoning is a real time-saver in the kitchen. Your meat is well seasoned when you use this product. My meat marinates quickly and I had my dinner ready in no time. It adds great flavour to your meat. I give this product five stars."

- DesignersPryd Jan

"Hazel's Blended Seasoning: tried, proven and highly recommended. Use it on beef, fish, chicken, whatever is your preference; it works. I know, because I am currently using it!!! Try yours today!"

- Avery Nelson

"Using Hazel's Blended Seasoning does the trick. No more tears from chopping up onions; this blend includes the essential natural mix of seasonings needed to marinate your meat. Pepper it up if you like and the finished product is a serving of rich delicious flavourful meat. This product is definitely worth trying."

- J.J Brown

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