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Kitchen Aid: Coconut Oil

Published:Tuesday | July 14, 2015 | 11:06 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

This week, Kitchen Aid explores the many uses of coconut oil.

We know that coconut oil is a healthy choice in the kitchen, but did you know it is a healthy choice for your skin? Adding a little coconut oil to your favourite lotion, moisturiser and directly to your skin gives you the moisture you need. It can also be used as a facial moisturiser, and since it is said to help prevent acne and does not irritate eczema, then it is safe for all skin types.

a It is a great natural oil for flaky scalp and sealant to lock in moisture in your hair.

a If you have tangled hair, applying some coconut oil will have you combing through your tresses more freely.

a Coconut oil is a chemical-free make-up remover. Apply to cotton and wipe.

a Add to your conditioner for added

moisture and this will reduce breakage.

a Apply to stretch marks and watch them slowly disappear.

a No one wants to have a cold sore, but if you have one grab that coconut oil and apply to the area. It will help to get rid of the inflammation.

a Rub a small amount on your cat to prevent hairballs. You and your furry friend will both appreciate it.

a Remove rust from your silver. If your scissors or knives start to get a little rusty in their grooves, adding some coconut oil can go a far way to bringing them back to their glory days.