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Farming Queens

Published:Wednesday | July 29, 2015 | 10:54 AM
The ladies tour the farm with Café Eits and Food Basket farm owner Robyn Fox and Nutramix Brand Manager Tina Hamilton.
The Barrel Roasted Chicken is marinated in fresh herbs overnight and tied and slow roasted in a barrel over hot coals so that it is given a rich flavour. Here, it's served with fresh Herb Pesto Pasta.
Nutramix Brand Manager Tina Hamilton talks to the ladies about the importance of farming and making a difference in their communities.

In an effort to communicate that Farming Matters, contestants in this year's Nutramix National Farm Queen competition visited 17 Mile Post, a family project run by father and daughter, Michael and Robyn Fox.

17 Mile Post boasts a three in one approach to farming, with Food Basket Farms, CafÈ Eits and the Mount Edge Guest House. The contestants, who all have an interest in farming - stemming from livestock to produce - were educated on how they can develop profitable experiences into their own farm life.

"We deliver produce to customer's doorsteps weekly, however, it was important to us to create a dining experience around our farm so that our customers could come to us," stated Robyn as she urged the ladies to find creative and innovate approaches to their farming.

After a tour of the Food Basket Farms, where Fox's main staple mixed greens are grown, the ladies sat down for a true Farm to Table experience at CafÈ Eits courtesy of Nutramix.