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A taste of Moroccan Culture 'Jam-Rocco'

Published:Friday | July 31, 2015 | 3:14 PMKimberly Goodall
Couple Shayne (right) and Natalie Morris enjoying the beautiful view at Jam-Rocco.
The true Jam-Rocco Yice, served alongside any of your luscious entrées.
Have a refreshing sip of Moroccan mint tea, served hot or cold.
Moroccan Fish Tajine with olives.
From left: Alex Davis, Gillian Mason, Marianna Davis and Jennifer Mason came to please their taste buds with fine Moroccan cuisine.

The tasteful delight of Moroccan cuisine was on display at Jam-Rocco, held at The Gap Cafe recently.

It was a real treat for guests as the day went from mocktails to Moroccan Harira Soup and ended with three tasty entree options - Harissa Tajine Vegetables, Tajine chicken and Moroccan Fish Tajine, which were all served with khobz (flatbread) or yice (shredded yams). Each meal showcased the true essence of the mix of Jamaican and Moroccan culture.

The DreamLife cuisine team, Roxanne Wright and Peta Linton, who made the DreamLife experience possible, were the chefs for the evening and took pride in delivering what was said to be 'an extraordinary fare'.