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Get 'Crunchified' at Pizza Hut

Published:Tuesday | August 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Pizza Hut's Crunchy Stuffed Crust Pizza.

It's Friday night, and what better way to start the weekend than with good company while indulging in great pizza! No matter the day of the week, Pizza Hut has the right, delectably cheese-filled combination, specially made just for you.

On Thursday, July 23, Restaurants of Jamaica, through their popular Pizza Hut brand, welcomed a new addition to their pizza family - the crunchy stuffed crust pizza.

According to the food mogul, the pizza comprises of the crust being stuffed with mozzarella cheese, topped with cheddar cheese and potato chips, then baked to perfection and delivered hot and ready to excite your eager palate. Available at all locations islandwide, and is only available in large, the crunchy stuffed crust pizza comes with any of the great-tasting pizza options, such as Hawaiian, Pepperoni Lovers, and Barbecued Chicken or it can be completely customised.

"This crunchy stuffed crust is a complete game-changer for pizza, giving consumers an entirely new experience. Part of what makes potato chips such a popular snack is the crunch sensation, it not only feels good, but we've also come to associate crunch with freshness, and it tastes great," said Tina Matalon, marketing director at Restaurants of Jamaica, franchise holder for Pizza Hut.

This also allows the consumer to decide if they want barbecue sauce or the signature pizza sauce on the new crunchy pizza, along with any of the variety of toppings. Pizza Hut wants to put the power in the hands of the consumer, letting them have exactly what they want on this new pizza innovation.

Through the crunchy stuffed crust pizza, Pizza Hut invites consumers to take the same flavourful taste journey that many know and love, coupled with the introduction of further texture with the crunch of the potato chips, which will definitely have foodies everywhere salivating for more.

So be sure to #GetCrunchified at Pizza Hut this summer!