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Market List

Published:Tuesday | August 25, 2015 | 12:00 AM
This youngster makes his way along a path in the Rio Grande Valley, Portland, with a bunch of green bananas, reminiscent of the character in Evan Jones' famous poem, 'Song of the Banana Man'.


Goat flesh


Goat flesh should be relatively easy to come by this week in supermarkets and meat shops across the island. Supermarkets and delicatessen establishments will ask $480 per pound. However, meat shops and butcher stalls will ask as little as $280 per pound.




This citrus fruit is on fair offer at this time in rural and retail markets. The Parsons Brown variety will go for as low as $150 per dozen, while the more costly navel fruit will go for anything ranging between $250 and $300. This price holds true for mid-island capitals like May Pen and Spanish Town, as well as the Montego Bay Charles Gordon market.


Green bananas


The asking price for a dozen fingers in retail markets ranges between $80 and $120. This also holds true for Montego Bay Charles Gordon Market. Cheaper outlets in downtown Kingston may ask as little as $60 at this time for a dozen fingers of green bananas.




The current asking price ranges between $120 and $150 per pound. However, there are smaller wrapped quantities available for $50.


Irish potatoes


Tuber Irish potatoes is neither plentiful nor cheap these days in many markets across the island. Prices will range between $120 and $150 per pound.




The asking price in most rural retail markets is $50 per bundle, while cheaper retail outlets in downtown Kingston will ask $30 for the same quantity.




Broccoli will cost you a pretty penny at this time with an asking price ranging between $150 and $200 per pound.